08 Agustus 2012

Otel Lobby

Last friday, me & my hubby had some fantastic dinner at Otel Lobby. Am so curious with this restaurant. Often passing through, but never get a change to stepping by.

Otel Lobby placed in office and apartment area called Epicentrum, Kuningan. From the front side, Otel Lobby appearance reminds me of a Old Hotel in my daddy movie. So classic and looks great. Entering the Otel Lobby u'll find a look-a-like hotel lobby, complete with the porter trolley and luggage.  On the left side of the entrance, we can find bar and the right side u'll find the sitting area for restaurant. The atmosphere a bit blurry and dark. Have 2 sitting area, smoking and non smoking area, and it only split with 2 step stairs.  Otel Lobby also have outside area that similar like a terrace, pretty nice.
Front Office Look-a-Like
Bar Area

DREW - cheering up our Friday night
and here comes our menus...

Beef Wellington 145k
Honestly, am interested to try this beef wellington since i watched Gordon Ramsay show on TV. So damn curious what it taste. Lucky me... I won one of the quiz that Otel Lobby made in their twitter. I ordered with medium well. The portion was not too big, but the taste made me forget the it size. A very juicy tenderloin steak, mushroom duxelle wrap in a puff pastry. Eventhough the puff pastry a bit oily, but it still crisp though, and it's forgiveness with the juiciness of the beef and also the sauce. Perfect combination. Served with a bowl of mashed potato. The thickness was good, the taste is cheesy. I also like this one.

Pan Roasted Salmon - 105k
Pan Roasted Salmon with fried mussels,  beetroot puree and herb apple sauce. The salmon perfectly cooked and not taste fishy. The sauce blend well. I never thought that beetroot and apple would be match with salmon and mussels.

Toblerone Puff  - 35k

Choux Puff,  toblerone ice cream, vanilla pastry cream and pour with chocolate sauce. Toblerone in here is just like melted chocolate but the texture was so thick. The puff pastry texture was moist and taste good. My hubby loved it.

Red Velvet Cake - 35k
As for me, I chose the red velvet cake for my dessert. Served with blueberry ice cream. The red velvet cake texture was not too moist, but the cream cheese frosting was good. Topped with almond sprinkle.

Lychee Tea 25k | Strawberry Tea 25k
Lychee Tea so freshening. Served with lychee fruit in it. Loved it.
Strawberry Tea taste a bit plain, eventhough i already add the sugar, but didn't help much. Served with strawberry fruit in it.

Overall, I love Otel Lobby and definitely want to come back to dig in their other menu. A bit tips to come here is better make reservation first. Because Otel Lobby often full booked, specially in dinner hour on in weekend time. 

Otel Lobby
Jl.Epicentrum Tengah
southgate entrance
the Annex Building of Bakrie Tower - Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12940

ph: +62-21-299-41324
fax: +62-21-5610-0361

Web: http://www.otellobby.com/
Twitter : @otellobby
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/otellobby

Operational Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 11.00 AM – 12.00 PM
Friday – Saturday 11.00 AM – 02.00 AM


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