08 April 2013

Gourmet World - Around The World in One Place

A view weeks ago, I was invited to do food testing at Gourmet World Kemang. This event was held by Open Rice. I was so exciting came to Gourmet World. Because in this place, we just like travel around the world. We can find many kind of food from many countries in just one area.

Gourmet World is located in 2nd Floor Ranch Market at Kemang area. The atmosphere is just like we enter to a giant warehouse, so nice and cozy. We sat in a long table with big screen TV infront of us.

Gourmet World Venue
Gourmet World Venue
Pastry at Gourmet World
After short introduction from Gourmet World and a quick speech from Openrice, Gourmet World start present us their fabulous menus that make me drooling

Nachos Grande  IDR 70,000
Our dinner start with a yummy Nachos Grande. It's tortilla chips with chilli con carne, the tasty guacamole, jalapeno peppers, sour cream and melted cheddar and topped with mozzarella cheese. I can't stop snacking this Nachos. The guacamole, jalapeno and sour cream blend together into a tasty things.

Crispy Spicy Salmon IDR 55.000
From Mexico now we jump to Japan. Crispy Spicy Salmon opening the main course tonight. The sushi rice cooked well. The salmon was so tender and blend well with the spicy mayo on top. Served with soyu sauce.

Wagyu Burger  IDR 140,000
Look at thus Wagyu Burger. It making me drooling. It so chubby like my cheek hohoo... Grilled wagyu beef patty on rocket greens with balsamic dressing served with french fries. The patty looked pretty and perfectly grilled. But when I taste it, it's a bit chewy and dry not so juicy. The bun also not fluffy.

Classic American Burger - IDR 70.000
 Imported prime beef patty with onions. tomatoes, gherkins, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. 5 Small classic American burger served in a wooden chopping  board. It's good if you bring your kids with you. The patty more juicy than wagyu burger. But the buns still the same. Not too fluffy and soft.

Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio - IDR 90.000
I like this spaghetti. It cooked al dente. It contains garlic flakes, basil chiffonade, olive oil and a hint of dried chilli. All seafood alsoo cooked well. It's not fishy and still fresh. Served with garlic cheese bread.

Bento Special - IDR 120.000
Look at this big portion of bento.. ooohh... I'm so mouthwatering seeing it. This bento contains Angus Beef hamburg, crispy chicken teriyaki, ebi furai, fish furai, salmon sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi. It all served with steam rice, miso soup and cawan mushi. All cooked well. Even for the sushi and sashimi. The ingredients is so fresh. Order this and wont regret.

Banoffee Pie
When I tried this menu, it's even not in Gourmet World's menu yet. Yes, it's new comer from Gourmet World when we got a chance to try it 1st wohoooo.... It a moist and soft banana and coffee pie sprinkle choco and caramel chunk. Eventhough it's a pie but the structure more look like pudding.  I also like this one. The sweet taste is just right, not too overwhelming.
Toffee Date Pudding - IDR 55.000
Warm toffee cake served with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream. The cake is so moist. Not too sweet, which I like. Warm meet cold it perfect blend together.

Overall, Gourmet World is so worth to try. All menu have many different varieties. If you go  with a big group with different appetite then Gourmet World is so great place to visit. The price a bit pricey. But u will get the decent portion. So, it's suitable with the price. I definitely going back to this place.

Jl Kemang Raya No 66 - 2nd Fl
Phone : +62-21-7190875
Sunday to Thursday 8am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 8am - 11pm


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