06 Mei 2013

Cooking Class with TenTen Tempura House & Indonesia Food Blogger

Recently, I've got an invitation from TenTen Tempura House and Indonesian Food Blogger to attend TenTen new menus spread and for Cooking Class. I'm so excited for this event. Well, all this time, I'm so damn curious with TenTen tempura.  How they can make that tempura crispy outside but still tender inside. So here I am with several blogger mates early in the morning at 9am, even when Plaza Indonesia still not open their mall yet hohoho...

We are separated in 5 groups. With 1 group filled in with 5 peoples. The place became a bit crowded, since there are only 5 stoves to cook the rice and 2 deep frying pan that we can use together. But heeyy... the more peoples the more merrier aight?? hehehe... My fab team are Aline Foolosophy, Mullie MyFunFoodiary, Tikka The GourmetChic and Novi FoodieFoodgasme.

After a lil speech from TenTen, then Chef Dian from TenTen start presenting how to make tempura and omurice. It already succeed making me drooling.

Chef Dian presenting Tempura Omurice
and this is Tempura Omurice receipe...
Tempura Omurice


2pcs Prawn
40gr Sweet potatoes
8gr Green Beans
2pcs  Carrots
52gr Japanese pumpkin ( Kabocha )
70gr Nissin Tempura Flour (you can get this in big supermarket)
140ml Clod Water
Vegetable Oil for frying

15ml Oil
10gr Julienne Carrots
10gr Green Beans
10gr Corn
10gr Onions
Salt and Black pepper
180gr Rice
20gr Butter
2 eggs
2gr corn starch mixed with water

Demiglace Sauce
27.5gr demiglace powder
250ml hot water

How To Make:
Tamagoyaki: Mixed eggs with cornstarch  and water, then whisk it. Heat oil on the pan, and pout the egg mixture to the pan evenly. Cook until done

Butter Rice: Heat oil on the pan, saute the onions, carrots, green beans and corn until it cooked. Put in rice, salt and pepper to taste, mix it well. Add butter then mix again.

Tempura: Mix tempura flour with cold water, put all the ingredients into the batter. Heat oil on the pan with low heat. Deep fry the ingredients one by one. Swirl some batter onto the ingredients to make extra crunch. Take it out when it turns to golden color.

Demiglace Sauce
Mix all the ingredients, stir it with low heat.

How to Serve
Spoon the butter rice into the tamagoyaki and fold gently. Put tempura on the side, served with chilli and tomato sauce on top the tamagoyaki that already filled with rice. Pour it also with demiglace sauce in the side of the rice.

Tips & Trick:
- A good stove temperature to make tempura is 160-180celcius
- Use the vegetable that have a bit hard texture like sweet potato or carrot
- If you want to use chicken, use the breasts one. Because it more tender
- To get shrimp shape like in TenTen, give a massage in the back of the shrimp while you batter it. OMG... even shrimp need a massage hehehe...
- If you don't have Nissin flour like i mentioned above, just use flour the usual flour and mix it with egg with composition 1kg flour + 2litre of water + 2eggs
- To get golden brown color, just fried it 2-3 minutes.

After Chef Dian done demonstrating the Omurice Tempura, now it's our chance to make the duplicate of Tempura Omurice. And... we WON!! yeeaaiii... So excited... We named our dis with I Heart U Tempura. This just because we love tempura so much, and when we stack the veggies, the shape is just like the heart shape.

I Heart U Tempura
Our Team In Action
After that, the Chef told us the ingredients and the preparation for making pannacotta. Since it took a while to serve pannacotta, they only describe us the ingredients and the step by step of making it.

Since lunch time is coming, so TenTen generously served their newest and yummy donburi and tempura dish that we ordered at the beginning of the event.

Ebi Yose Katsu
Ebi Yose Katsu served as our appetizer from TenTen. Crunch batter outside and juicy ebi (prawn) inside. Pour with teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise. It so yummy...

Tenbara Donburi
Tenbara Donburi is what I had for my lunch. A bowl of rice topped with shrimp tempura, shitake tempura poue with tonkotsu sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds. The taste is pretty great. Tempura texture still crunchy and the sauce a bit sweet and sour which is good.

Donburi is a meal which rice topped with tempura of beef dish. Beside Tenbara, TenTen also have many varieties of Donburi, like Seafood Furai Don, Tori Soboro Don and Spicy Beef Kinoko Don.

Above : Spicy Tempura, Blackpepper Tempura & Seaweed Tempura
Below : Curry Tempura
TenTen as a Tempura specialty have many bariant of Tempura. TenTen just launched several new menu like Kinoko Tempura that is served for ala carte or for Tendon menu (Kinoko Tendon). All those new menu launched to complete the existing menu like Original, Spicy, Seaweed, Curry and blackpepper. If you like a bit spicy choose blackpepper or spicy one. All those Tempura you can order ala carte or complete package with rice and miso  soup.

Foret Noir Cup & Oreo Cheese Cup
Foret Noir Cup is a chocolate mouse cake with dark cherry and rum. The cake is so moist. Meanwhile Oreo Cheese taste more milky. But the cheese cake and milk layer was not to moist and blend well. It because I still can taste the milk powder within the cake. So I like the the Foret Noir better.
Overall, I had a very great time attending this Cooking Class event. Beside my blogger mates that I already known, I also get a chance to met a new fellows from Indonesian Food Blogger. So... More experience, more knowledge and more foodies friends...

Thanks for the gift TenTen

Ten-Ten Tempura House
Plaza Indonesia, Level Basement Unit 16-17
Jl MH Thamrin Kav 28-30
+62-21 299 23730
Twitter : @tentenjakarta
Facebook : Ten Ten Jakarta


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