06 Mei 2013


I know Mangia when suddenly my eyes drooling saw AnakJajan twitpic. And plus I heard about this place from friend who took Zumba Class next to Mangia Resto.

Mangia took place in Panglima Polim street. Many restaurant and cafe around. Eventhough Mangia have petite restaurant, but it's pretty eye-catching. With 70's look decor and white theme for the restaurant, it seems cozy, like visiting Grandma house.

Mangia Venue
Luckily, I got a place in 2nd Floor. Because it's a;ready full and crowded in 1st Floor. It makes me stay in the line 1st at the beginning while the waitress find us a chair. With rustic and vintage interior, including with the menu list that they put upon wooden chopping board.

At 1st, I'd like to order Swedish Meatballs, but then they run out for the mashed potato. Even when the dinner time is about to begin. Finally... me and hubby ordered this one...

Penne Carbonara Spinach and Mushroom - IDR 47.000
Penne cooked al dente. Paired with a savory carbonara sauce. It so good. Not too creamy sloppy also. It all mixed with fresh spinach and mushroom. Me like it.
Nasi Jeruk Sambal Dory - IDR 39.000
A bit spicy rice with lime leaves taste. Even though the leaves taste overpowering, hubby still enjoyed it. But, dory cooked to dry. If Mangia cook it not too long, it would be a perfect dory.

Lychee Tea & Strawberry Tea - IDR 19.000
Strawberry Tea more freshening than the Lychee one. Lychee taste like too much water and ice than the lychee flavor it selves.

Overall, Mangia is so much worth to visit. Homey place, comforting food with reasonable price.

Jl Panglima Polim V No.38
Jakarta Selatan
+62-21 72799674


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