06 Mei 2013

Taco Local

To be honest, I went to this place also based on my friend recommend. Since the place is next to Mangia, so after dinner in Mangia, me and hubby stepping in to TacoLocal.

Tacolocal only have several chairs with tables and also bar chairs. We also can see bicycle collection for those who have hobby with bike. The store is connected to Tacolocal area. If you want to smoke, choose the outdoor area.

Taco Local from outside
Taco Local indoor
Luckily, the waiter very patient explain all the menus to us. Well, since I'm still a bit full after dinner next door, I want to choose menu that not too full dish. And here what we ordered...

Taco Al Pastor
Single IDR 32.000
Double IDR 58.000
Grilled shoulder, pickled cabbage, salsa fresca, salsa verde and grilled pineapple. The chicken is so tender. A very well mixing between the sauce and the chicken. Pineapple make more fresh. But, what I don't like it left too sweet taste after it.

Carne Tortas - IDR 48.000
Yeeaahh... I know I said I already a bit full from earlier dinner. But I'm not eating it alone aight. There's my hubby who will finished it all Hehehe... Carne Tortas is a pulled beef, fried egg (I'm not using it), trijoles, cheese, salsa fresca, and mayonesa. I like this Tortas more than the Tacos. The seasoning more tasty.

Sauce Jalapeno and Chilli - Add it if you think it not spicy enough
Overall, this place is good just for hangout. Not so heavy meal with a relaxing place. Price a bit pricey. But, I still want to come back here someday. To diggin some burritos or quesadillas.

Taco Local
Jl. Panglima Polim 5, No.38
(021) 9494 9538


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