19 Agustus 2013

Altitude at The Plaza : When Skyscraper Looks Amazing

A view weeks ago I've got an invitation from Altitude at The Plaza. It was an exclusive breakfasting invitation with several food blogger. Such a joy received the invitation.

Altitude placed in 46th floor at The Plaza Building Thamrin Jakarta. Altitude offer you experience dine in a high sky with Jakarta as a view. We can see Jakarta in 360 degree. Well, only from Altitude, traffic in Jakarta looks so damn fabulous.

There are 3 different kind of restaurants under Altitude. Each restaurant have their own concept.

SALT GRILL by Luke Mangan
Salt Grill 1st restaurant is in Sydney, Australia. Offering Australian signature dish. In Altitude Jakarta, Salt Grill leads by Chef Marjon ”MJ” Olguera who successfully bringing all the dish superb. With a skyscraper as a backdrop, enjoy dining in a fancy and elegant look of fine dining restaurant and bar.

Enmaru is enhancing the experience of devouring delicious pub food. Get together in a modern, lively ambiance set in traditional Japanese decor in the heart of the city. Whether you just want to enjoy a great, freshly prepared food or ending a long day, Enmaru makes sure that the best meal is served at your table.
Entering Enmaru Restaurant, we can feel the authentic ambiance of Japanese. Enmaru really pay attention on details. It can see by their furniture and interiors. Dominated with wooden, Enmaru feel so earthy yet modern. Chef Takashi Tomie, is collaborated with Sous Chef Tsuchiya Yusuke to created the fabulous menu

Gaia is the best restaurant in town where you can find authentic Northern Italian cuisine. Gaia also a perfect place to have a good quality wine. The interior looks so elegant with a brown furniture make Gaia feel warmth and cozy. Executive Chef GAIA, Kenny Lim, is collaborated with Sous Chef asal Italia, Marco Caverni to invent a tasty menu.

Before the main dish, we offered Altitude beverages. Like always, I ordered something sour and fresh to balance my meal and I ended up with Virgin Mojito. And I have the right choose. It so freshening and great.

Virgin Mojito
Tonight appetizer present by Enmaru.

Foie Gras Chawanmushi

Foie Gras Chawanmushi by ENMARU Japanese Restaurant
I want to hugs Chef Tomie when I ate this chawanmushi. Because this is the best chawanmushi I ever had! I guess, 1 lil' glass that Enmaru served is never enough. It so blew me away. The texture is so soft so delicate and straight melt in my mouth. Not to forget the foie gras, they make it also so tender. Mixing between savory and sweet really a great start for tonight dining. You have to try it by yourself, so you know that I'm not just brag about this chawanmushi.

Assorted 5 Kinds of Sashimi by ENMARU Japanese Restaurant
This sashimi  consist of:

  •   Kinmedai (金目鯛) in Japanese means Golden Eyes Sea bream. The English name for it is splendid alfonsino.
  •   Ootoro is taken from the actual under-belly inside the tuna

  •   Kanpachi (間八): Greater amberjack, Seriola dumerili

  •  Uni: (雲丹, 海胆) gonad of Sea urchin; may come in different colors
  • Tsubugai (螺貝, ツブガイ): Whelk (Neptunea, Buccinum, Babylonia japonica)
All sashimi served really fresh and not fishy. Every sashimi is insanely delicious. Not just the taste, the presentation also so damn gorgeous. With the smokin' effect, make this dish looked so dramatic.

Tonight's main course presented by Salt Grill by Luke Mangan

Fish to share: Stir fry of crab meat and shitake mushrooms, charsiu sauce, sugar peas and confit eschalot
The very juicy and delicate of Barramundi fish. It so well seasoning. Blend well with the mushroom. I had 2 portion for this barramundi hehehe... This barramundi is so heaven. Served with a very addictive mashed potato and salad. The salad consist of fresh Heirloom Tomato, Burrata cheese with basil red wine dressing

Boneless Chicken Leg Stuffed with Porcini Mushroom

Boneless Chicken Leg Stuffed with Porcini Mushroom by GAIA Ristorante
Boneless Chicken Leg  taste a bit crispy outside and so tender at the meat. Stuffed with Porcini Mushroom and poured with with sauce make this dish is extremely great. Served with fresh asparagus.

Tonight dessert presented by GAIA Ristorante

Pannacota, Tiramisu and Orange Cake by GAIA Ristorante

Pannacota, Tiramisu and Orange Cake by GAIA Ristorante served in one plate. Really great  to end tonight dinner. From those 3 above, Pannacota suddenly become my favorite. Not because it melts in my mouth. But the texture is so smooth make me want it for more. Others also taste great. A smooth tiramisu, not too sweet and so great in my lickin'. Not too forget the fresh Orange cake. Taste mixed between souw and sweet. Great for ending.


Passion Fruit Ketel One Vodka
Before really ending the night, Altitude served us one of their alcohol drink. The presentation quite unique. Served in a copper kettle. I taste it for a sip. The taste is so surprising. Vodka mixed with passion fruit ended up with a freshening drink with not too kick vodka taste. It all well balance. 

I really had a great time having dinner in Altitude. Every restaurant have it's very owned signature dish and all really worth to try. Not just give us an experience to dine, but really spoiled us with a great view and a great food. I definitely will comeback here. Have a nice dinner with my hubby with a great view of Jakarta.   

 Traffic never look this prettier when we look it from 46th Floor Altitude  from The Plaza Building

Thanks a billion for having me, Altitude. It was such a wonderful night experience. Can't wait to see you soon.

ALTITUDE The Plaza  
Salt grill by Luke Mangan – ENMARU Indonesia Japanese Restaurant – GAIA by OSO RISTORANTE  
The Plaza Tower, 46th fl. Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta 10350  
Phone: 021-2992 2448  
FB Fan Page: ALTITUDE The Plaza twitter: @ALTITUDE_ID

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