19 Agustus 2013

Otel Lobby Part Deux

Have I told you before that I like to visit Otel Lobby so much. It makes me visit Otel Lobby again. well, since maid still off-duty, so when my friend Yenny ask me to visit Otel Lobby again, I said yes right away hehehe....

Otel Lobby have masculinity yet sexy ambiance by putting an end-to-end attention of its exterior and interior design. Entering Otel Lobby, patrons will be greeted by the 'receptionist' under Otel's signature chandelier and trolley bag. Yeepp... Otel Lobby really want to bring us to the Vintage Hotel ambiance 

Now let's move to Otel Lobby's menu. There are also new menu that we'd like to try.

Pigs In The Blanket - IDR 45.000

Tender Beef Hotdog with warm Pastry.
Don't get wrong with the name. It totally kosher (HALAL) y'll. Nothing to do with pigs hohooho. The beef hotdog is really tender. Pastry served warm and a bit oily. It become oily because after they baked it, they spread it with butter. It meant to get a savory taste and shinny look. Served with spicy mayo to make it more great.

Garden Pasta – (R) IDR 55.000 (L) IDR 85.000
Add Chicken IDR 25.000 / Seafood IDR 35.000

Garden Pasta – (R) IDR 55.000 (L) IDR 85.000
Add Chicken IDR 25.000 / Seafood IDR 35.000
Zucchini, Broccoli,  Mushroom, in light tomato sauce
I like this spaghetti. It cooked aldente with right amount of tomato sauce. The taste not to sour, it blend well with the spaghetti.

Baked Pizza Salmon - IDR 85.000
Baked Salmon Pizza - IDR 85.000
Smoked Salmon, Dill, Cucumber, Cream Cheese
My today's favorite definitely goes to this Salmon Pizza.  Thin crust pizza style topped with the very fresh smoked salmon. It not fishy at all. Eat it when it still warm. all ingredients more blend well and taste yummy.

Nutella Mouse - IDR 40.000
Candid Nuts, Strawberry
Chocolate lover must be in love with this dessert. So delicate nutella mouse cake topped with strawberry and Caramel that look like bird nest. Served with Chocolate nuts crumble, topped with vanilla ice cream and spread with chocolate sauce. All that served in this plate taste so yummy and melt in my mouth.

Don't forget for Otel Lobby interesting promo. Don't missed it. Just book a table to get a nice place. Otel Lobby have Hell Hour for you to escape from worst Jakarta traffic or try ladies night at Wednesday or do you like music? Come in Weekend for live music.

Too bad, every-time I come here, I never get a chance to meet the fabulous Chef Maya Aldy who create these scrumptious dishes. Always have a happy tummy in Otel Lobby

Otel Lobby
Jl.Epicentrum Tengah
southgate entrance
the Annex Building of Bakrie Tower – Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12940
*Reservation: +62-21-299-41324
*Group & Corp Bookings: +62-21-5610-0360 / +62-21-299-41326
Email: diane.christalia@otellobby.com
twitter: @otellobby

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