12 Agustus 2013

Otel Lobby

This is so late post from me. I should post it on Ramadhan season. But then, I get busy done many things before long holiday and then I got unwell for several days.Better late than never aight? Because I still want to spread to you about Otel Lobby menus.

Actually, this is not the 1st time I visit Otel Lobby. I used to go to Otel Lobby because I'm curious with their Beef Wellington. Now I heard, that they have several menus that worth to try. So here I am, back to Otel Lobby.

Since it's Ramadhan season, so Otel Lobby brought Ramadhan theme into their restaurant. Beside the ornaments like Bedug in the front lobby, I saw there are a lot of changes interior since the 1st time I visit Otel Lobby. The ambiance still hype  and retro look. But I guess, it looks more spacious and nice.

Mint Lime Crush - IDR 45.000
The responsible mojito for the designated driver or kids
I ordered this Mojito to anticipate all menu that we ordered. I always love the sourness from this Virgin Mojito. The lime make it more sour and the soda add freshness to this Mojito.

Celebrity Skin - IDR 45.000
Refreshing mint and cool cucumber with antioxidant rich pomegranate
What  an ear-catching name of this drink. The cucumber more dominated this drink than the pomegranate. But still freshening though.

Grilled Beef Tongue - IDR 125.000
Served with housemade kimchi, garlic fried rice
At  1st  I'm a bit not interested with this menu. But my curiosity beat all. I'm curious what it taste if tongue mixed with kimchi and the home made white sauce. The white sauce ( I forgot what it names) taste bland. But it became good when it paired with the tongue. The tongue is cooked well. So delicate and seasoned well. Kimchi is fermented cabbage and it's a traditional dish from Korea. Taste sour and spicy.

Bistro Burger (200gr) - IDR 85.000

With homemade sesame bun and fries
Ms Winta from Otel Lobby recommended this Bistro Burger. Well, usually when i ordered burger from non-specialized burger restaurant, the burger will taste so-so. But since Ms Winta told me that Otel have different kind of Burger, well... I have surrender. The patty is soo tender. I requested it to cook medium-well. The seasoning is really blend well with the patty with a a lot of mushroom chunk. Served with a generous big cut french fries that served in a cute can. Never underestimate Otel Lobby burger. hohooho

Fruit Pavlova - IDR 40.000

with vanilla meringue, pastry cream
Always curious with maringue. Usually if a chef not succeed making meringue, the texture would become chewy and dense. But then again, Otel Lobby meringue is so great. The texture is so soft and great. The fruits served fresh with pastry cream that too sweet for my licking. Also served with pineapple sauce.

Overall, never disappointed visiting Otel Lobby. Nice place, nice food and great hospitality. I surely will comeback here...

Otel Lobby
Jl.Epicentrum Tengah
southgate entrance
the Annex Building of Bakrie Tower – Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12940
*Reservation: +62-21-299-41324
*Group & Corp Bookings: +62-21-5610-0360 / +62-21-299-41326
Email: diane.christalia@otellobby.com
twitter: @otellobby

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