28 Agustus 2013


Often passing through this restaurant in Kota Kasablanka but I never had chance to try. Placed in Food Society Ground Floor, D'Omellete look so homey and cozy. with wooden interior in all over the place.

I like the open air design that D'Omellete have. It feels like we sitting in someone terrace. With a long wooden table and chairs. The atmosphere also fell like in the village home. Nice sitting here. Me and a friend choose sitting inside.

Enough about the place, now let's move to the meal. We decide to begin with something lite before entering the main course.

Cheese Stick - IDR 14.000
Deep fried mozzarella with mayonnaise dressing.
I  like this cheese stick. The mozzarella really melt when we eat it. I suggested to eat it when it's warm to get a melted texture from the mozzarella.

Pan Roast Dory Fish - IDR 46.000
Dory fish served with sauteed vegetables julienne, slice roasted tomato, sauteed mushroom, bononcini cheese cover with pepper oil and mixed lettuce.
Well, you can imagine from the details above. the dory cooked well. So tender and seasoned well. It feels like every ingredients blend well. Squeeze it with lemon to get more fresh taste.

Salmon Florentine - IDR 48.000
Norwegian Salmon Served with sauteed spinach, white bean, saffron sauce, basil and olive oil dressing.
Me likeeyy.... The salmon is so tender and juicy. The sauce make all flavor come together. With the good mashed potato, make this dish taste great yet healthy.

Overall, I think D'Omelette worth to try. With many various menus, from all day breakfast, full course, lite bite, or waffle & pancake, they have it all. the service also good and fast.

Food Society GF-FSG-07
Kota Kasablanka Mall
Jakarta Selatan
Telp: 021-29488690
twitter: @d_omelette

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