27 September 2013


Many friends said that Tsurukamedou have the best Ramen. Well... since the location is far from my crib, so I never get a chance to try it. But luckily, I've an invitation to attend to one of Bubble Drink Cafe at Go Cha (see my previous Post). And Tsurukamedou placed next to Go Cha, still in GreenVille area.

Since me and some friends just have a short time, so I only take not too many picture of Tsurukamedou. but don't worry, you still can sneak peek.

Entering Tsurukamedou restaurant, the ambiance really took Japan interior. With a wooden chairs and tables and some of petite decoration. Pretty convy to eat.

Tsurukamedou only use 2 kind of meat for their Ramen, chicken and pork. Since I don't eat pork, so I only order chicken menu like this one below...

Tori Shisen Ramen - IDR 45.000
It come in a big bowl. The smell of the spicy already make me mouthwatering. The consistency of the spicy broth make want to finish it till the last drop. The chicken is so tender. Noddle cooked not oveercooked and soggy. Hot and spicy... you should try this.

Tonkotsu Ramen - IDR 45.000
Consist of 3 slices of pork, Nori (seaweed) sheet, Half Boiled Tamago (Egg) and Kikurage (mushroom). Since I don't eat pork, you can peek on my friend blog to more clear information Yenny & Hans :)

Tori (Chicken) Chahan – IDR 32.000
Also served Buta (pork) & Ebi (prawn)
Never underestimate the presentation and the appearance. Even though it not look good, but the taste is amazing. The secret sauce from Japan make this chahan (fried rice) taste savory and yummy. The texture of the rice also good. Cook to the perfection.
Ebi (prawn) Gyoza Grill – IDR 32.000
Also served Buta (pork) & Tori (Chicken)
You can order this gyoza in grill or deep fried. But as for me I prefer cooked it in grill. The gyoza skin really smooth and the tori (chicken) is so tender. Dip it in to the shoyu (soy sauce) to make it more great.

Spicy Tori Karage - IDR 32.000
Another yummy snack from Tsurukamedou. Spicy Tori Karage. The tori (chicken) is so tender inside and crispy outside. The skin is so good. Not overpowering in seasoning.

Overall, Tsurukamedou had succeed bring the authentic Japanese Ramen. Nice place and nice hospitality is a plus from Tsurukamedou.

JL. Ratu Kemuning Raya blok A2 No. 8A
Taman Ratu- Greenville
West Jakarta
Ph: +6221 5694 0712
FB Fan Page: Tsurukamedou
twitter: @TsurukamedouJak


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