08 November 2013

SUSHI BAR - an Easy Way to Eat Sushi

A view weeks ago I was invited by one of Sushi resto in Jakarta. Curious because i loved sushi very much. So at one afternoon, me and several mates go to Sushi Bar for lunch invitation.

Sushi Bar located in FX lifestyle X'nter F2 Floor.  The place is not too spacious. But it's confy enough for us to eat our sushi menu. There are 2 bar area that you can choose. If you curious what Chef do with your sushi, choose bar area where you can see them making your order. But if you want to chit chat with your friends, just choose the other bar sitting area.

Now let's roll the sushi...

Salmon Skin Fried - IDR 27,000
Deep Fried Salmon Skin served with Spicy Sauce. 
Recommended appetizer from me. The texture is so crispy and savory. This salmon skin make me can't stop snacking. Dip it in to the spicy sauce. You will  like more.

Spicy Tekka Maki - IDR 21.000
Boiled Yellow Fin Tuna, Mayonnaise, torched with Volcano Sauce.
A very generous amount of volcano sauce. Mayonnaise taste a bit spicy. I like it when it still feel warm after it torched. The mayonnaise texture still melting. It taste good.

Salmon Roll - IDR 29.000
Baked Salmon Salad, Crunchy, Cucumber, topped with Torched Yellowfin Tuna, Green Cod Roe sauce & Shredded Skip Jack Fish.
So curious with the topping. I thought at first it was a wasabi mayo. I already imagine the heat from the wasabi. But when I taste it,  it was a green cod roe sauce. To be honest it was my 1st time taste the green cod roe sauce. The taste was great. Good balance with the baked salmon.

Salmon Kastengel Roll - IDR 39,000
Fresh Norwegian Salmon, topped with Baked Cheese
I like the salmon. It taste fresh and great. But for the topping, I think it's too overwhelmed. Maybe because it mix between mayo and cheese. 

Tori Cordon Bleu - IDR 25.000
Chicken Leg, Smoked Beef, Melted Cheese, served with Volcano Sauce.
Cordon Bleu in Japanese way. I guess you only can find it in Sushi Bar. Little things but come in a big things. Better eat while it still hot. So you can still feel the melted cheese.

Volcano Scallop - IDR 29,000
Scallop served with Volcano Sauce. 
A very light to start. I like this one. The volcano sauce really kick. it spicy but not too overwhelmed. And the scallop also taste fresh and not fishy.

Tuna Cheese Fried - IDR 25,000
Deep Fried Yellow Fin Tuna & Melted Cheese.
I think the melted cheese a bit cover up the fin tuna taste. But it still tast good though. The sauce save the tuna perfectly.

Shibuya Roll - IDR 29,000
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Shredded Cheese, topped with Yellow Fin Tuna, Avocado, served with Volcano & Cod Roe Sauce. 
This shibuya roll is quite good. I like the combination between avocado, yellow fin tuna and deep fried soft shell crab. It's not fishy and the ingredients really pop out it taste. The sauce make all more yummy.

Black Volcano Maki - IDR 23,000
Fried Squid, Crunchy, breaded with Black Tobikko, topped with Volcano Sauce.
This is quite new for sushi filling. Squid rolled with crunchy breaded. I like the black tobiko. Volcano sauce make more taste for the tobiko.

Oshi Scallop - IDR 20,000
Scallop, Avocado torched with Cod Roe Sauce.
This sushi is different like usual sushi. Since the shape is rectangle. It prepared using a traditional wooden box called an “Oshibako” which is used to compress the rice and ingredients. That's why we see all those ingredients blend together. Scallop, avocado with cod roe sauce is definitely a great combination. Me like this one. 
Maguro Burger - IDR 24,000
Sushi Rice with Tuna Patties Katsu, Nori/Tomato, Cucumber & Onion. Served with Mayonnaise & Volcano Sauce.
Fluffy and chubby sushi rice as replacement from burger bread. I like the tuna tat coated with breadcrumb. So it most look like chicken katsu, but this one made from tuna fish. spicy mayonnaise and volcano sauce make it more tasty. I just hope that Sushi Bar could give Nori shredded on top of sushi rice. Beside give it more good texture, it can give more flavor into the rice. 

Tempura Ice Cream - IDR 21,000
Deep Fried Ogura Ice Cream, Bread, Dry Seaweed.
Don't miss this dessert when you visit Sushi Bar. Ogura ice cream rolled with dry seaweed and bread make this dessert pretty good. But since this is fried Ice cream, so you have to eat it quick before it melt. 

SUSHI BAR definitely offered many varieties of Fusion Sushi. Some sushi to overwhelmed in seasoning and mixing the ingredients, but some sushi really worth to try. With the very reasonable and wallet friendly, you'll get the extra-ordinary sushi that you can never imagine. Nice service also that they give. For sushi lover, just go visit SUSHI BAR. 

Sushi Bar
fX lifestyle X’nter f2 Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Pintu Satu Senayan
FB Fan Page: Sushi Bar
twitter: @SushiBar_ID


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