27 November 2013

Tea Revolution at MING Dine & Chill

I know this is a very late post from me. But I'm still excited to tell you guys about the tea revolution. If usually we eat some food we paired it with wine, this time I was invited to try pair some food with Chinese fabulous tea. This event was held in great Chinese fine dining restaurant,  Ming Dine and Chill placed in Epiwalk Rasuna Epicentrum 2nd Floor.

Courtesy of @yennymichael for OctaPlayground
Before the main event begin, they gave us a quick grand tour to their restaurant. And I'm pretty amazed with how they manage the restaurant. Ming Dine and Chill is a fine dining restaurant where you can talk with your colleagues or dine with your family. It has 300 capacity sitting area that accommodate you whether in public dining area or in private room. The private room it self can accommodate 10 - 20 person for minimum purchase IDR 2.000.000 Complete with big screen TV for you who want to sing karaoke after dine. This definitely a plus facilities if I want to go back later with my ganks or with my family, who coincidentally a singer wannabe hohoho...

Dining Hall
VIP Room
After a tour, we seated in a very nice bar where the main event will begin. The event begin with an opening & a lil' speech from Mikael from Ming Dine and Chill. After that, Danny Handimulyana, Sales Director from DeVieni explain all we need to know about tea.

DeVieni is a  company that promote high end good quality tea from Indonesia also the import tea that will sell to the local market. They do cooperation with some restaurant and cafe to do the tea tasting and tea pairing.

Here, DeVieni want to give a little bit view point about tea. I bet some of you only know several tea like green tea, black tea and so on without knowing what food is good to accompany the tea. That night we did the pairing with 4 kind of teas with several menus from Ming Dine and Chill.

With a Latin name Chrysanthemum morifolium, we can get this flower from the highland of China. Many use for medical purpose that can heal fever, influenza etc. In Indonesia we know it as Krisan flower many served in Chinese restaurant. Really good if we pair it with dimsum or boiled food like siomay.

Known for its sweetness and its fragrant flower or fruit aroma. Before it fermented, the oolong leaf should through one process calles "Shaking" which is mixing leaves in a big rattan bowl (tampah) or with machine. The mixing between those leaf that leave taste and a good aroma and it make it different than usual green tea. Some of famous Oolong tea like Gao Shan Oolong, Dong ding Oolong and Tie Guanying.
Oolong Tea suit with some food that not have too strong taste and aroma like chicken, fish or seafood.

Black Tea
Black Tea or in Mandarin usually called Hong Cha is a full fermented tea. Black Tea really famous But it can be different with it taste and aroma. Really good in many varieties food that have a strong aroma like curry or fried dish.

Long Jing
Is a green tea without any fermentation process at all. Really have a strong aroma and it has green yellowish color. Long Jing has a top rated among the other kind of green tea. Long Jing has a really mild aroma and a little bit sweet. That is why Long Jing can be pair with food that have a little sweet taste also like cookies or cake.

White Tea
Been exist since the China Dynasty and it only served to the Emperor and family. Known with the antioxidant and has the most vitamin compare the other tea because it less process and fermented. The shape is like needle and a bit grey, taken from the unopened buds of the tea plant. It become yellowish when we brewed it.

White Tea
Now let me show you some of Ming Dine and Chill menus that can be pair with those tea above...

Steamed Chicken Char Siew Cheong Fan, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steam Truffle Dumpling with wild Fungus
- pairing with Chrysanthemum

Probably you see the appearance not look appetizing, specially when you look at the Truffle Dumpling. But believe me, these appetizer taste great. It really smooth, really rich in seasoning and taste fresh.


Steam Fish Filled with Taiwanese Black Bean
- pairing with Oolong Green

This steam fish also taste great. It so delicate, so rich, so melted in your mouth.  a bit sweet come from the black bean blend with the seasoning. Ended with a good savory taste.

Emperor Chicken
- pairing with Black tea

A very unique presentation from the Emperor Chicken.It came with extravagant way hohooho... Basically, it's a chicken that cooked with clay and leaf. First it came clay shape like coconut with fire. So cool... Then we need to break it to get the chicken. And the chicken wrapped with a leaf. It leaves a very good aroma, full of herbs, so rich yet light. Beside the chicken, there's also mushroom and bamboo sprout. The texture still crunchy but tender. Me likey...

Japanese Handmade noodle with Handmade sauce and Crabmeat
- pairing with Black Tea

Eventhough for me the noodle a bit too overcooked, but the taste still good. I like when the sauce really blend together with the noodle. and the crabmeat is so tender and not smell fishy.


Deep Fried Sesame ball with Salted Egg filling
- pairing with Long Jing

I feel like in laboratory  when I see the presentation of this dessert.  If no one told me that the filling is salted egg, I probably would not notice it. Because it taste like custard. And it so damn yummy. It so melted in mouth and it still warm when it served. The sesame ball texture also so smooth and not chewy. The drink in the tube is guava mix orange juice. Taste freshening. 

Food and beverages served that day are for personal portion. Of course you'll get the real and bigger portion when you come by your self. Many food here are perfect for sharing. Like the Emperor Chicken above. A great service is really a plus. 

Thank u Ming Dine and Chill for a great dishes & thank u DeVieni for a tea knowledge.

Ming Dine and Chill
Epiwalk Rasuna Epicentrum
2nd Floor Unit #318-330
JL HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta Selatan 12940
Phone: 021-29912323
FB Fan Page: Ming Dine and Chill


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