28 November 2013

KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS - Christmas & New Years Festive

Last week I was invited to have Kenny Rogers Xmas & New Year new menu. A bit curious what Kenny Rogers have this time. So here I am at FX Sudirman Mall to find out more about Kenny Rogers Xmas & New Year menu.

Kenny Rogers in FX Sudirman divided into 2 areas. Main area including the kitchen and the second area across the main restaurant. We seated in second area, in a long wooden table and nice red chair.

Kenny Rogers only served Christmas & New Year special menu start from 18th November 2013 until 26 January 2014. So you better hurry and grab it fast before the promo end.

Special menu this time is Chicken Pasta Meal, Mambo Minty Chocolate & Milkshake Berrynana. For Chicken Pasta Meal, you'll get a full complete dish. Started with 1/4 roasted chicken, 1 side dish and 1 muffin. What a great deal.

Homemade Muffin
 Kenny Rogers always have a yummy homemade muffin. Specially when they serve it still warm. Because it still fluffy and moist. Both the original and the chocolate taste good.

Chicken Meal Pasta - IDR 73.000
Chicken Pasta Meal consist of 1/4 roasted chicken served with your choice of gravy like original mushroom, blackpepper or spicy barbeque. This time, Kenny Rogers served us with original mushroom. My chicken cooked in perfection. So tender, and the gravy really soak into the chicken. Beside the chicken there's also a bolognaise pasta  that cooked aldente. And the bolognaise sauce taste good with a big mushroom chunk also. If you don't want pasta, you can change it with rice. Along with the main dish there's also a side dish. You choose 1 of 12 choice of side that Kenny Rogers have. Here, they served us with fresh garden salad. It really taste fresh and crisp.

Milkshake Berrynana - IDR 33.000
Milkshake Berrynana is a blend of strawberry ice cream, milk and original muffin. So you can imagine how full it's gonna be in your stomach aight? But i really like this milkshake so damn much. The strawberry is really rich. We can still taste the muffin texture in it. Eventhough it's full of muffin and milk, but it not left any weird taste after drinking it.

Mambo Minty Chocolate - IDR 33.000
Mambo Minty Chocolate is a chocolate blended with mint taste in it. The chocolate is generous. But I taste it like usual chocolate milk. But for you who like chocolate and don't want your stomach full right away, this Mambo Minty Chocolate surely a good choice.

Beside introducing a new menu, Kenny Rogers also have a program called Kenny Rogers Roasters Community Chest - Wishing Tree. So basically, it give us a change to help unfortunate kids out there. So we just need to pick one of the wishes that they already wrote in a card and hanging in the tree in the restaurant then you try to make the wishes come true. It's good too sharing.

Beside Chicken Meal Pasta, Kenny Rogers also served other special menu for your Christmas and New Year Celebration. They served (Whole) Roast Turkey for 6pax complete with side dish, gravy sauce and home made muffin. You can have it for only IDR 1.500.000. If you interested to order, note that the last order would be 16th December 2013 with pick up schedule on 24th December until 5th January 2014. This only exist in Jabodetabek Kenny Rogers.

Thanks a billion Kenny Rogers for a yummy Christmas & New Year's menu. I really enjoy it.

Ground Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan
Lot F1 No.10, 10A,10B Jakarta 10270
021 - 25554326


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