27 Desember 2013

Cimory Riverside - with Bloggers mates

A view weeks ago, I've got an invitation to join filed trip to Cimory Riverside. I'm so excited eventhough I've been there before. I'm so excited because I'm going to go there with my 2 crazy mates Hans and Aline and also others bloggers from Openrice. I already imagine how crazy our trip would be.

First we met at FX Mall and together goes to Cimory using bus that already prepare by Openrice for us. Plan leaving Jakarta at 8 and have to be late because there's someone who came late.

This is my 2nd visit to Cimory Riverside. Read also about my 1st visit Cimory Riverside

Actually Cimory Riverside not too far from Jakarta. Only 2 hours if not face the worst traffic. And finally after face a bit traffic and the driver who missed the placed for 2km, we arrived at Cimory Riverside. It so good smell the mountain air. Eventhough it not that cold.

I like the theme of Cimory. Cow is everywhere... And they place it right. So it look so cool and cute. Like that bars and path above. I want that in my cribs. The atmosphere from Cimory Riverside is so earthy. They use many wooden elements. the concept of the restaurant also open space. So we really can enjoy the sun an the air outside.

Since the entrance we can see more and more cows. You will greet by their Cow's mascot. It so cute and fatty. Beside the big cows, Cimory Riverside have a lot cows miniature that I want to grab'em all.

Entering the restaurant area, we can feel more the earthy atmosphere. Iy f you seat in their balcony, you see the river view and the green path. It so gorgeous.


After we seated in one private area but still in open space, we greet by Cimory Riverside's Public Relation, Indesa. To bad the owner was sick that day, so he can't join us. Since it's already lunch time, so they offer us to choose our lunch. They gave us 4 signature dish menu from Cimory, Ring Kanzler Sausage, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Nasi Goreng Chicken. So since I came here with  my 2 other crazy mates, so we ordered a different menu each so we can taste it all.

The taste from this Chicken Cordon Bleu is pretty decent. A thick yet tender chicken covered with  crispy breadcrumb is worth to try. The golden brown appearance really looked tempting. When we cut into two, we can see the melted cheese came out from the chicken. But too bad the smoke beef was not too much. Just a little pieces. So it a bit covered by the cheese. This Cordon Bleu Chicken served with salad and potato wedges that we can change with french fries.

Sausage from Cimory shaped like horseshoe. It so moist and taste a bit smokey. Served with potato wedges and salad. To make it more tasty, dipped it in barbeque sauce. The taste is sour and sweet. A bit tangy. It give more flavor to the sausage.

Read also about this Ring Kanzler Sausage here: Cimory Riverside

For the rice menu, we served with Chicken Wing fried rice. The taste was a bit sweet and savory. The rice was a bit oily but it cooked right. Not too soggy and not too hard either. It served with 4 pieces of chicken wings and chips (kerupuk).

Blueberry & Strawberry Yoghurt
For drink, we ordered this signature drink from Cimory which are Blueberry & Strawberry Yoghurt. For me, I prefer the strawberry one. Because the strawberry more dominated than the blueberry. Blueberry just like lost a bit of it taste. Dunno because it too much blend with ice or what. But both of the taste is sour. It good for a hot day and after eating something sweet.

After having lunch, we went to 3rd Floor where we heard about Cimory and Chocomory history. It presented by Indesa, the Public Relation. I still wish I could hear from the owner himself about his journey to find a great chocolate around the world, specially in Chocolate icon country, Belgia.

Here's what I've been waiting for. We allowed to make our own chocolate bar. Yeeaaii.... Entering the room, the air a bit hot here. No wonder, because they no put the air conditioner here. It meant to be to keep the quality and the consistency of the chocolate.

In here chocolate is process until get the right consistency
Before we making chocolate of our own, first we've been thought how to make it. What we're going to make is a chocolate bar with peanuts chunk in it.

Chef presented how to mold a chocolate
Tools & Ingredients for chocolate making

Left: Spread the chocolate into mold the sprinkle it with peanuts chunk
Right: Covered it again with melted chocolate & make sure no bubbles in it.
Voila! This is it... Chocolate Bar Ala Me...
A trip no complete without shopping time. Shopping this time is about chocolate. Still in one area with the restaurant & factory, Chocomory is a heaven for a chocolate love. For me this quiet exciting to visit again this store. So many choice of chocolate that we can grab. And now they have the green tea back. yeeaaii... On my last visit, they run out the green tea.

Souvenir Shop
Thanks so much for the goodie bag
Overall, is always a good time and experience back here to Cimory and Chocomory. I can say this one is one stop shopping. Really great escape from a hectic routine.

Cimory Riverside
Jl. Raya Puncak 415
Cisarua - Bogor
Phone : 0812-1240-7500


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