07 Juli 2014

Istanbul Turkey - Cilandak

Its been a view weeks since my visit to Istanbul Turkey with my friend Aline. Actually at first we don't know where to go. We just had our breakfast earlier at Authentique Bakery. Because we still in Kemang area, we decided to try Istanbul Turkey Restaurant for our lunch without knowing what the menu is. It just our confident to stepped by.

Entering the restaurant, the ambiance a bit gloomy with a dim light. Turkish ambiance really dominated this restaurant with a big chandelier, colorful lamp and wooden furniture. But the mix decoration that they put make this restaurant feel so dark  and heavy. Specially with the curtain in the ceiling.

There's a shisa rack for customer who want to have Shisa. Despite of the un-consistent decoration, let's dig in to their menu.

Mussagga Lamb is dish consist of eggplant, lamb chunk and tomato paste. Served hot in a bowl with sesame bread. Lamb really dominated this dish. Not just the taste, but also the aroma. Just dip the bread into the mussagga lamb. It become so good. The bread is chewy with a bit plain taste.

This menu came in a huge portion. Seriously huge. A stack of grilled chicken chunk covered with slice of chips cheese. The chips texture a bit chewy when I thought at 1st that was a crispy thing. But it just not a plain cheese chips, It also covered slightly with a bit spicy sauce. The taste of herbs really dominated. Served with herbs rice, tomato and chilli grilled.

Shisa tube that you can order with various taste
Overall, Istanbul has a decent and authentic Middle East menu that you try. With affordable price and very nice service, I think you should try this place.

Jl Ampera Raya No 7 Cilandak Jakarta
Phone :  021 78836363, 021 7807311


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