04 Juli 2014

Spirit Ramadhan at Bengawan - Keraton at The Plaza

I always excited when Ramadhan come. The ambiance, the atmosphere and of course the food. There are some food that taste even more good when I eat it in Ramadhan. Even though we can cook eat in usual month, but dunno why it taste different. Traditional food like my mom always made, like Kolak Pisang, Kolak Biji Salak and so on. Now in the spirit of fasting month, Bengawan - Keraton offer Ramadhan Package for you to enjoy

Spirit Of Ramadhan at Bengawan – Keraton
*picture courtesy of Bengawan – Keraton for octaplayground
In this holy month, what could be better than have it with your family. To indulge your festive moment of Ramadhan, Bengawan - Keraton have many kind of food that you can enjoy affordable price. You just need to pay IDR 350.000++ per person including hot beverages and tajil. Price are subject to applicable service charge and government tax. With that you can enjoy Bengawan - Keraton buffet menu featuring an array of Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian and Mexican. What an offer!

If you want to stay at Keraton Hotel during Ramadhan Month, don't miss their special package also. With price start from IDR 2.850.000++ for Grand Deluxe Room on 23 June to 24 July 2014  on the weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and IDR 2.550.000++ for Grand Deluxe Room 25 July to 3 August 2014 on the weekends (Friday to Sunday). Those price already inclusive Buffet Breakfast / Sahur for 2 and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Chef Lamberto Valdez Lara
Meet Chef Lamberto Valdez Lara, who welcome us and take us for a grand tour to the whole dining area and introduce us with Bengawan - Keraton menus. I first met him at Cinco de Mayo Mexican Festive  earlier at Bengawan - Keraton. Let's begin the tour. Keep scrolling.

I still remember when the 1st I tried the Mexican Menu here. How I fall in love with all of their Mexican menu. even for their simple guacamole.

As a start I choose the crispy and crunchy Nachos from the Mexican Stall. I love how the melted cheese combine the tomato and onion into the nachos chips. For companion, I also had a yummy brown bread topped with tomato and cheese. No too forget the 3 choice of sauce, Salsa Verde, Sour Cream and Tomato Salsa.

Bengawan - Keraton have many selection of sushi and sashimi. Love the sashimi. It taste fresh, sweet and not smell fishy. On the other hand, I guess Bengawan - Keraton have to make improvement with their sushi. The rice so dry and fell apart easily.

Here at Salad Bar, you can mix salad as you like. There are Japanese salad, Middle East salad, Western Salad even Indonesian salad like Gado-Gado. Yeepp... in here Gado-Gado include in their Salad selection. So freshening. You surely can't miss it.

The presentation of bread and cheese stall is so gorgeous. The freshly made bread is so tempting and smells so good. Try some, and it so moist and fluffy. Great also if we pairing it with soup. As for the cheese, they also have many variant of cheese. Be creative with pairing it with the bread or even with the salad. So scrumptious.

Middle East Stall offer many signature dish that you can't missed. From shawarma, kofta, Shish Kebab even their Lentil Soup. I'm so curious with all their menu.

Look at that amazing chicken that made for Shawarma.It made from chicken thigh. It look so tempting. We can still see the juice come from the meat. And here are what I got from the Middle East Stall

This shawarma is fantastic. Like I mentioned above, the chicken taste juicy and tasty. Mixed with vegetables that really fresh. The skin that cover the chicken and the veggies also great. The texture is good. Not to thick. So it not end with chewy texture. Not crispy kind of skin like crepe. But smooth enough.

If you see the puff pastry below the shawarma iin the picture above, well it call cheese sambousek. It's a puff pastry filled with melted cheese. Love the puff pastry. Its fluffy and moist inside and crispy outside.

Similar like the cheese sambousek, but it filled with spinach with cheese. I like this one better than the cheese sambousek. The spinach make the cheese  not too overwhelmed. It so addictive.

Sauce & Condiment for Satay

The chicken and beef satay is so tender, It also perfectly marinated. You can pairing it with the sauce. Whether its soy chilli sauce or peanut butter sauce. Me like both. the peanut butter sauce a bit thick and a bit spicy.

A fatty cut of chicken kebab. The burn look caramelized and tempting. But too bad, I think this chicken kebab too overcooked. It make the chicken a bit chewy and dry.

I forget to ask the Chef what Kofta made from. But from what I taste, this Kofta is made from lamb meat. And the great thing is, the lamb so tender inside and not have weird smell at all. It also seasoned well.

Potato Hara is a spicy kind of dish. I taste that there's a garlic, chilli and pepper in it. It good if you pair it with Kofta or Kebab.


Indonesian Stall
Never forget also to stop by to Indonesian stall. Bengawan - Keraton have some Indonesian's signature dish. And here are what they have:
1. Nasi Kuning (rice with coconut milk with yellow color because using turmeric in cooking it), that have savory taste. It has the right consistency. So the rice not dry and not so mushy also.
2. Beef Rendang, the meat is so tender and marinated well. The coconut milk and spices really blen well together and soak up into the meat. You have to try this Rendang. So good.  
3. Soto Ayam ( yellow spicy chicken soup ) with complete condiments.
4. Opor Ayam (chicken that cooked in coconut milk) has savory taste with the right thickness and great in seasoning
5. Kepiting Saos Padang (Crab in spicy sauce) didn't get a chance to try it, but my friend said the meat so tender and the sauce is superb.

Nasi Kuning
*Picture courtesy of YennyMichael for octaplayground
Kepiting Saos Padang
Soto Ayam

When visited Dessert Stall, I felt like children who come into the candy store. My eyes keep drooling in all over the place and make me almost forget to take a picture of it. Because I'm too busy admiring at every dessert that served. From west to east, everything served here.


Kolak Pisang


-          Kurma
-          Assorted Dates and Dried Fruits

-          Balousha
-          Mouhalabieh
Umm Ali
And here are dessert that me and my friend tried that day...

Rosallion, Chocolate Rollade, Hazelnut Mousse Cake, Maringue, Caramel Puding
All cake that Bengawan - Keraton served is moist and soft. And also not too overpowering in sweetness.

On the Plate: Orange Kurma, Nut Kurma, Dried Fruits, Umm Ali
On the Glass : White Choco Mousse & Mouhalabieh
Mouhalabieh have dense texture with milky taste, but not too sweet like I thought earlier. And it melted in your mouth straightly.
Umm Ali is a traditional Egyptian dessert that consist crushed nuts, and have a creamy texture. Love this Umm Ali. Beside its not too sweet, it have a well balance in taste
White Choco Mousse Love the mousse that so smooth, on the other hands, the sponge cake not too moist.
Kurma & Sundried Fruits I love all... Specially the kurma. Its flaky, chewy, sweet nice for a break fasting starter.

Overall, I had so much fun here in Bengawan - Keraton. Entering Fasting month wont never be the same any longer. Thanks so much Fiona & Yosua for having me that day.


Keraton at The Plaza, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jakarta
Telephone: 62-21 5068 0000


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