29 Agustus 2012

Zenbu - House Of Mozaru at Kota Kasablanka

My hubby so damn curious with Zenbu since I told him about Zenbu great menus. And luckily the new mall in town Kota Kasablanka have Zenbu in it mall. So we straight go there.

Kota Kasablanka is a new hip mall in town. Like it's name, it place in Kasablanka, close to ITC Kuningan. Zenbu Kota Kasablanka place in UG Floor. The place pretty spacious with wooden interior.

Zenbu Venue
Because we already know the menus from my previous visit to Zenbu, so we straight to order...

Zenbu Mozaru – Regular 60k | Large 80k
Zenbu Mozaru:  Calories: TM ± 750 BT ± 754 DM ± 832
Zenbu means complete, so in this mozaru it have all toppings, like chicken, beef, fish and shrimp. I prefer the regular one. I choose butter for the rice and with dynamite sauce. Dynamite means the spicy one. But I think it's not that spicy. From this time visit, the ebi and beef a bit overcooked. But I guess it still forgiven. I still like it though.

Zenbu Ramen
Regular 50k – Calories: ± 236
Large 65k - Calories: ± 331
Combination Of chicken, beef and ebi. We can choose the soup taste. My hubby choose dynamite soup. Eventhough the name is dynamite, nut it's not too spicy. Kinda disappointed with this ramen. Because the taste not same with my previous visit. The soup was cold, the ebi a bit small and the tempura flour taste oily. And no onion ring came with the ebi as a side dish. So different with my last visit. Maybe different branch, different policy...

Yakult Blizz Strawberry 33k
Calories: ± 165
Taste freshening, a bit sour but good.

Overall, Zenbu Kota Kasablanka failed to impress me and hubby. They really need to make a huge improvent. Considering this placed in a new mall. But they have a good service though.



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