13 Agustus 2012

Breakfasting with Goorme & Urban Kitchen

Yesterday  me and several blogger & media friends was invited by Goorme to attend breakfasting at Urban Kitchen Senayan City. Urban Kitchen is a hip Boutique Food Court with tagline "FOOD NATION" try to offer many varieties of famous restaurant in town. When we came in to Urban Kitchen area, the waitress gave us payment card. Yeepp... they using card for payment system. So, we just need to sweep the card to each tenant after we ordered the meal. The we pay it in cashier when we want to go out from Urban Kitchen area. It make us more easy in ordering something, especially if we come in a big group.

With capacity for 450 peoples, Urban Kitchen spacious enough to accommodate hungry peoples around Jakarta. With left and right side for smoking area and in the middle for non smoking area. The sitting area pretty convy. With the new look, it's really simple and modern.

Smoking Area
Urban Kitchen Venue
While waiting for the breakfasting time, the event begin with a lil' speech from Urban Kitchen, who explain about their tenants and their new concept and The Baked Goods, who opened their new store in Urban Kitchen. So, for those peoples who can't go to their shop in Sabang Street, can buy it here.

From Left To Right:
Natasha Utamilia (Adv & Promotion Manager Urban Kitchen)
Romeo Tjhang (General Manager Urban Kitchen)
Jana Parengkuan (The Baked Goods)
Erwin Parengkuan (The Baked Goods)
Since breakfasting time is about to come, me & my friends flew to all over Urban Kitchen. All tenants make me drooling and of course make me mouthwatering. Confuse what we want to eat. Because all tenants looked tempting. Finally... here are the menus we choose...

Ramen Sanpachi 38 Express

My friend Melly decided to order Ramen and Gyoza from Sanpachi. 
Ramen Sanpachi Express
Gyoza Panggang 28k
Gyoza Panggang texture light, a bit dry outside but tender inside. Eat it with sauce that came along with the gyoza. 
Chasu Ramen 57k
Chasu Ramen served a bit cold. The noodle also overcooked. But the chicken chasu pretty good. It's tender.

Iga Penyet Wong Jowo 

My other friend, Aline choose Indonesian  menu for her...

Iga Penyet Wong Jowo
Buntut Penyet
Set 59k
On Rice 55
Buntut Penyet served with tahu, tempe, chilli and rice. I don't really like the buntut. Too much fat in it. And the season also not blend well. The chilli also Javanese typical, a bit sweet.

La Scala

As for me, I choose from Italian tenant for my breakfasting meal.

La Scala
Salmon Palloneto
Small 49k
Large 55k
I was ordered the small one. But either the waitress wrong put my order, or the small size really that much. I actually like this pasta. It cooked aldente. The sauce not too thick. The taste of the herbs quite strong. But the salmon cut a bit small.

As for share menu we ordered these...

Imperial Duck
Imperial Duck
Siew Mai 16k

Tukbokki | Kimchee
Tukbokki or also known as deokbokki is one of famous dish in Korea, It made from rice cake, meat, veggies, eggs and sprinkle with sesame. The real one is really spicy, but not with tukbokki from KUNG, It's not too spicy, so i can eat it calm. I kinda like this tukbokki. All seasoned well.

Kimchee is traditional fermented dish from Korea. Many kind of food using kimchee as a side dish. The taste is sour and spicy. But it's good.


Salmon Aburi 25k
Salmon Aburi taste really light. With salmon, cucumber inside topped with salmon. Taste good. But nothing special. The soy sauce served in sachet. With a little wasabi and no ginger with it.

Tradisonal Side

From Indonesian side, we have several traditional meal. It so exciting found really authentic Indonesia food that not served in a stall or counter. But they really selling it with their typical cart. We can found many varieties menu here such as Selendang Mayang Ice, Cendol Ice, Kue Rangi, Kue Lekker (thin crepes) etc.

Kue Rangi
Kue Rangi always be my favorite snack. Made from dry coconut and pour with brown sugar. A bit chewy when it's cold. And the brown sugar sauce also not too good.

Kue Lekker
Eat this never enough. Have to eat it when it served, if not it become not crispy anylonger. 


The cake shop that I usually stare from my office window not open their other store in  Urban Kitchen, yeeii... I was so curious with their diabetic cookies and cakes. I finally found something for my dad. 
The Baked Goods
During the event, The Baked Goods gave us a sample for their several cakes. For this Ramadhan, they make Oat Kurma Cookies and Kurma Cake. The Baked Goods also gave us sample for their diabetic lemon poppy seed and oat kurma cookies. The sweetness was just right. It's so good.

Gift from The Baked Goods
Then I bought some cookies and cake for take away...

Dark Chocolate With Cashew 75k | Parmesan Mushroom Biscuit 70k
Crunchy, crisp, not too sugary, just love it.
Crazy Dark Chocolate 28k | Bublanina 20.5k
Bubblanina, a cake from Czech. With strawberry inside and topped with sprinkling of crumble. 
Diabetic Carrot Cake
Nutrition Facts - taken from http://thebakedgoods.co.id
All cakes and cookies that I bought that night was so delicious. My dad loved the diabetic carrot cake much. He's excited that now he has something to eat and thrilling that he can eat chocolate again without any scare feeling.

So overall, I had a great time having a breakfasting with Goorme & Urban Kitchen. With many new varieties and great tenants that Urban Kitchen had, we don't need to be confused any longer. Thanks a billion for invitation


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