15 Agustus 2012


Have you ever imagine dine in library? Well, don't just imagine, just come to Bibliotheque if you want to feel it. Two days ago, I had a change to had dinner here. My office held a breakfasting event in Bibliotheque.

Bibliotheque placed in business office building called Sampoerna Strategic Square. Bibliotheque split in two area, outdoor and indoor. The outdoor area is just like a terrace. With a big chair and trees around, it so nice to seat here. Enter to the main area, we can see a big rack of books on the wall. With wooden furniture, this restaurant looks so classic and vintage. Indoor area have 2 level area. In 1st floor we can find dining area and bar also the DJ booth.
Outdoor Area
Indoor Area
Indoor Area
Since this was a breakfasting event with office mates, so we seated in a long table. Not so long, the waitress gave us a big framed menu list. And these are what we ordered...

Kolak Ubi & Hot Tea
Fish Finger 40k
When I asked the waitress what this menu called in the menu list, she said fish & chips, but no chips come along with the fish. Is it served in separate place like picture below? But it definitely taste okay. Not fishy. Served with mayonnaise.
Bibliotheque Pommes Frites 35k
French fries sprinkle with parmesan and  celery. Nothing special.

Vegetables Spring Roll - 35k
As it names, it consist many veggies inside. Like peas, carrots, potato. The taste pretty good. It still warm and crisp when it served. It served with mayonnaise.

Homemade Smoke Salmon Rosette 45k
I kinda like this one. The salmon taste fresh. Not fishy. Served with cheesy mayonnaise.

House Smoke Salmon | Saumon Fume Maison 95k
Served with pain de campagne and Philadelphia Cheese. Taste is just like the smoke salmon rosette above. But come in more large portion. Served with bread.

AUS Tenderloin (220gm) with mushroom sauce 150k
Cooked with welldone. The meat a bit dry. But still there's juiciness left. The mushroom sauce taste good. With mushroom chunk the meat taste better. Served with fries.

AUS Grainfed 200 Days Ribeye (200gm) with Red Wine Shallot Sauce - 260k
Cooked with welldone that I regret it. Because the meat become so dry and chewy. So not tasty anymore :( I chose red wine shallot sauce and it taste good. I like the sauce. Served with herbs mashe potato that I don't like. The herbs was too strong.

Beef  Lasagne | Lasagne de Boeuf - 85k
Beef Lasagna come in  a big portion. The lasagna a bit raw. But the sauce pretty good. Topped with mozarella cheese.

Traditional Oxtail Soup - 80k
From Indonesia menu there's traditional oxtail soup that served with rice, crackers (emping) and condiments. You can request the condiments as you like. Whether you want green chilli or red chilli. The oxtail a bit chewy and taste so so.

Overall, Bibliotheque have a very nice place to dine, but the food taste so ordinary. Nothing can blew my appetite. And I wish they have non-smoking area. Because from my last visit, the guest can smoke in anywhere place.

Sampoerna Strategic Square, South Tower, LG 30, 
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45-46, Sudirman, 12930
(021) 57956977, (021) 57956978


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