09 April 2013

Bakerzin - Plaza Senayan

Bakerzin - Plaza Senayan placed in Level 2 next to Metro Store. Since me & hubby not smoking, so we took place in the alley for no smoking area. Indoor is used for smoking area.

Using voucher from GrouponID, me & hubby choose menus that have been determined by Bakerzin for peoples who using voucher.  So here are our package for 2 menu...

Wagyu Sausage Pesto Fried Rice
Wagyu Sausage Pesto Fried Rice taste so so. I don't taste nothing special from this menu. The pesto not to tasty and the sausage just like bratwurst sausage in common supermarket. Served with fried egg and emping 

Margarita Pizza - IDR 60.000
Thin crust Margarita Pizza is pizza with fresh tomato sauce and mixed cheese. I kinda like this pizza. Especially when it's hot. The cheese still melting make me mouthwatering... yuumm

Lava Chocolate Cake - IDR 55.000
For choco lover, you should to order this. Like my hubby did. Baked warm chocolate lava that melted in your mouth topped with vanilla ice cream with orange confit. Heaven.

Coupe Rainbow - IDR 65.000
Scoops of lemon basil ice cream, mango and strawberry sorbet served with Red Velvet, Pistacchio and Blue Curacao Macarons. Ice Cream and sorbet really soft, a bit sour and meet with the sweetness of macaroon, taste good.

Since in that package not include drinks, and because we already eat much of food, so we order something light for drinks... The very freshening Lychee Ice Tea & Lemon Tea

Ice Lychee Tea – IDR 33.000
Ice Lemon Tea – IDR 28.000
Overall, I always loved dine in Bakerzin. But for in Plaza Senayan branch, even I sit in no-smoking area, i still can smell the smoke :( For service, no doubt, it's great.

Plaza Senayan Level 2  
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8 
Gelora Bung Karno-senayan 
Jakarta 10270 
Ph: 021.5790 0408
Fax: 021.5790 0409


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