09 April 2013

Cooking Class With Bakerzin

Last month I was invited to attend cooking class in Bakerzin Central Park - West Jakarta that held by Groupon ID and Bakerzin. I was so excited attend to this event. Since I barely can't cook. Forgive me hubby hahaha.... 

Since they only have 5 stoves and a view ingredients, so we separated into 5 groups. There are 4 person in one group. We compete to make the best Penne Pasta that demonstrate by the Chef earlier.  The price? Voucher from Bakerzin and pasta from Agnesi wooww...

Chef demonstrate Penne Minced Chicken
Penne Minced Chicken With Cheese
In the original recipe, it supposed to be beef and broccoli.  But, since the chef said beef very expensive lately, so he change it with chicken. About the missing broccoli dunno why they also delete it from the list. Maybe  they forgot or the price suddenly become expensive that day... who knows hehehe....

My groups mates, hubby, Michelle and Fitri (hope I mentioned your names right) like pasta with lots of creamy sauce. Along the cooking session, dunno why our stoves keep on turning off. Looks like it wont cooperate with us :( So when we saw the groups next to us finished with their penne, we use their stoves to continue our jobs.

Chef demostrating Panna Cotta

Raspberry Panna Cotta

How to Serve your Panna Cotta
Raspberry PannaCotta is so good. Sweet blend well with the sourness from the fruits. We only saw the Chef demonstrate it. If you notice the black spot all around panna cotta, don't worry. It's not because dirty mould or something. It's just an extract from the vanilla stick.

At the end, we had so much fun attended this cooking class eventhough we're not the winner. This experience won't forget. Thank a bunch Bakerzin & GrouponID for having us.

Our Team

Central Park Mall - Level GF
Phone : +62-21-29200195

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