15 April 2013

Steakology - New Comer Steak in town

Walked in Tebet area with my hubby, I saw new restaurant called STEAKOLOGY. Since i just need to cross the traffic light from my mother-in-law cribs, so it definitely make curious. Plus i saw in Infotainment a view days before regarding this restaurant owned by one of famous singer Tantri from Kotak Band. So here we are in Steakology...

We took place in 1st floor. Steakology took a garden theme for their restaurant. With wooden furniture and fake leaves hanging. Pretty convy.

For the menu the use local wagyu with various sauce to offer. Usually we only know Mushroom or blackpaper. But in Steakology, they have 7 different kind of sauce. For the steak meat, they also offer with size. So it depend your tummy capability hehehe... Me & Hubby, of course we ordered the Big one.

Tenderloin BIG - IDR 80.000
First impression, the big size wasn't that big. It also a bit chewy, not so juicy. Even-though I asked for medium well, it turned to be a welldone.  I paired this tenderloin with bernaise sauce. Bernaise sauce is special French signature sauce. Made from melted butter, egg yolk, vinegar and spices. At first I thought this made from mustard. Because it taste like mustard. A bit sour and savory. The texture is creamy. I like this sauce. I choose mashed potato for my side. It seasoning well. Like it.

Topside BIG IDR 70.000
Topside is one of waitress recommendation. I think it's more tender that my Tenderloin. It also more seasoned well. Hubby paired it with mushroom sauce. I like the mushroom sauce also. The texture is creamy, but not to thick. It made from mushroom, butter, cream pepper, and spices. We still can find the mushroom inside the sauce. For side, hubby choose rustic potato, which is baby potato seasoning with herbs. It cooked well. The seasoning blend well with the potato. 

Because i'm so curious with the sauce, so i ordered another sauce called Rattlesnake. What a name hehe...

Rattlesnake Sauce - IDR 5.000
If you want to order another sauce, there's IDR 5.000 charge for it. Since i'm so curious, so i don't mind to pay another 5k. Rattlesnake consist jalapeno, mustard, tobasco and spices. Taste a bit spicy, but it's good. Love it.

Green Tea Blended (Cold) – IDR 22.000
Strawberry Juice IDR 15.000
Love the Green Tea blended and  the strawberry. The sweetness is just right. Not overwhelming. Simply love it.

Overall, love the sauce, love the blended ice great service. Need a little bit improvement on steak though.

Tebet Raya No 38
Weekday  : 12 - 10 pm
Weekend  : 12 - midnight
For Reservation  : +62-21 83786620


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