16 Juli 2013

VTeras Putih - For A Homey Resto

A view days ago, I was invited by Rumah Makan Jakarta for Food Tasting at restaurant VTeras Putih. Never heard about VTeras Putih before, so I'm so excited to visit VTeras Putih in a bright Sunday.

If you curious why there's a lette "V" in front of Teras Putih, well that's not a typo. V is from Vradio. they have a cooperation with V radio. V itself could be come from woman or female. Woman are from Venus. Woman are Virgin, Vacation, Victory…. and Tune into V radio The Voice of Inspiring Women(taken from Vradio website http://vradiofm.com/index.php/about-us )

VTeras Putih placed in Broadway Kemang. Not too hard to find the location. As its name, VTeras Putih dominated with white color and other earthy color like chocolate and green. We took a seat in a long bench and table. The room looks so bright. With a flowery mural on wall. VTeras Putih really want too take us dining at home.

Looks like Teras Putih want to make their restaurant to be a 1 stop shopping. Especially for ladies. Because beside there's a small boutique that sell many local product like clothes, bags and accessories, there are also creative class like cooking class, floristry, scrapwork, photography, gift dressing, jewelry, cakery and recyle class. You can arrange with Teras Putih if you wan to join 1 of their class.

A friendly quick and a little introduction from VTeras Putih owners
Lovely Sara & lovely Dini
For the food, Teras Putih also try to satisfy all their customer. We can see it by their menu list. There's Western, Indonesian, Italian and Chinese.  They served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All seem tempting to try.
Teras Putih Menu
VTeras Putih Chef give a little explanation about menu that served that day

Many variants for Small Bites that Teras Putih served. From soup, salad and burgers.

Wakame Mix Salad - IDR 30.000
A mix salad of Seaweed, kyuri (Japanese cucumber), carrot and cabbage.
All ingredients mix with soyu sauce make this salad so fresh. The sauce taste mix between salty and sweet.

Teras Putih Lemon Tuna Salad - IDR 30.000
Mix of lettuce and garlic croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, chopped oiled tuna and topped with egg poached.
A fresh lettuce taste more freshening because of the sourness from Lemon sauce and the olive. The tuna also taste fresh. Not smell fishy. All really balance. Love it. 

Spring Roll - IDR 25.000
A very crispy smoke sausage. At 1st I thought it was minced beef in it. Well, since i didn't taste any sausage in it. There are also a little chunk of carrot in it. 

Bitterballen - IDR 28.000
Three homemade chicken potato cheese balls served with mustard sauce.
A very soft inside and crispy outside of bitterballen. Without adding the sauce, this bitteballen already good. Like the cheesy in it.

Tekwan - IDR 28.000
Traditional Palembang fishball clear soup with soun (thin white noodle).
A very tender and soft fishball taste so good in a savory clear soup. Served with hot spicy green sambal. It so suit with cold weather. 

Siomay Bandung - IDR 28.000
Steamed Siomay served with peanut butter sauce. 
Siomay taste great. Made from mackerel fish. They add it right So, not smell fishy. Beside siomay there's steamed potato and boiled egg. The peanut butter sauce also taste good. Not taste or smell burnt. A bit spicy and add more flavor for it siomay. 

For main meals, Teras Putih also served many great dishes.

Spaghetti Chilli Tuna - IDR 40.000
Traditional Italian Aglio Olio style of pasta, cooked with tuna, chilli, capers & olives.
The texture of this spaghetti is dry. With a kicked of spicy chilli, it's so good for a spicy lover. The spaghetti it self cooked aldente. It seasoned well.

Bakmi Ayam Jamur - IDR 30.000
Indonesian chicken mushroom noodle served with beef balls and wonton. 
Eventhough the mushroom not to generous, but the noodle perfectly cooked. Served with clear savory soup with beef meatball.

Hokkien Noodle (Mie Singapore) - IDR 35.000
Singaporean fried noodles cooked in Hokien Stylewith beefballs, mushroom and prawns.
Me loved this noodles. The spicy taste so blend well with the noodle. The texture also not too soggy. Prawns still fresh and not smell fishy.

Chicken Cordon Bleu - IDR 40.000
Chicken cutlet rolled around smoke beef and cheese, served with fries and salad.
The taste is decent. Chicken texture is tender, but brownish breadcrumbs. I wish the cheese and smoke beef more thick hehehe... But the mushroom sauce help it out. The taste pretty good.

Hainan Chicken Rice - IDR 40.000
Choice Of  Steamed Chicken or barbeque (char shiu) served with Hainan rice and clear soup
The chicken texture is tender but it's a bit dry. So, not juicy enough. The rice also decent. the taste like coconut rice. The sambal add more flavor to this dish.

Nasi Goreng Bebek - IDR 38.000
Roasted duck shredded cooked with fried rice.
The taste is decent. Well seasoning fried rice with a tender duck. The duck not smelly. Mixed with scrambled egg. Served with Melinjo crackers (Emping) and sauce.
Teras Putih Spicy Fish - IDR 40.000
Spicy Dory Fish Fillet Served With Rice
This is so great for spicy lover. Actually I kinda can't stand with the spicy taste. But dunno why it makes me eat the dory again. So crispy outside and tender inside. The heat really soak in all over the dory. Served with  Cassava Leaves and Melinjo crackers.

Es Sirsak - IDR 20.000
A very freshening dessert. Consist of  soursoup fruit, nata de coco jelly, and something similar like sugar palm fruit (kolang-kaling). Better eat this before the ice melting. Otherwise, the soursoup syrup become bland.

Es "V" Kopi Cincau - IDR 22.000
As a coffee drinker, I like this coffee. Not too sweet, and the coffee really tasteful. And the grass jelly (cincau) is so smooth and really suitable with the coffee.

Strawberry Splash - IDR 28.000
Soda mixed with strawberry really freshening. We can get the strawberry chunk in it. Make me want to dig it more and more. The taste is sweet and a bit sour.

Pineapple Cruise - IDR 28.000
Only Pineapple dominated this drink. A sweet ans sour drink make you feel like in a Tropical Island. Garnish with palm sugar.

Before the event end, not too forget to announce the winner from earlier games that Rumah Makan Jakarta made before lunch. Which are drawing games. We have to draw VTeras Putih menu that will serve and draw ourselves. And voila... here are the winner...

Guess who are they... LOL...
At the end, we're having so much fun lunch with VTeras Putih and Rumah Makan Jakarta. What a great hospitality. Nice place, Nice food with a reasonable price. Worth to try.

V Teras Putih
The Broadway Kemang
Jl. Benda Raya No. 46 Kemang
Telp: 02178846518
FB Fan Page: V Teras Putih
twitter: @terasputih


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