17 Juli 2013

LIN Artisan Ice Cream

LIN Artisan Ice Cream is the first Ice Cream In Indonesia that using Liquid Nitro. Usually in Ice Cream making we found many Ice Cream machine like refrigerator to freeze the Ice Cream. But, LIN try to introduce a new concept in Ice Cream making. When you cut down the Freezing time to 2 minutes using the Liquid Nitrogen, what you get is a fresh and smooth ice cream, with no particles. This is what I often found in other ice cream brand. Especially when we put in the fridge for a view days. We can see many particles in our ice cream. This particles can change the flavor of the ice cream itself.

LIN Artisan Ice Cream! Oh Yeah, I Scream Ice Cream!
Eventhough, LIN just opened their store in 20 June 2013, but it seems the news about LIN already spread in everywhere. Including my self, this is the one that make me so damn curious.

LIN Ice Cream placed in a very hype area, Kemang. For to be exact, it's placed downstairs of Umbra and in front of Colony. I loved how they dressed up the LIN. It so modern, artistic, out of the box yet so convy to relax while enjoying our Ice Cream. The earthy theme is so unique, with many cute interior. Can I have some? hehehe... LIN Ice Cream divided their store in to 2 area. Indoor and outdoor, with a wooden furniture. Both area have a very great spot to get a picture.

With an open kitchen that LIN made, it possible for us to peeking the process of LIN 'magic' Ice Cream. Actually, at I think it more like laboratory than a kitchen. Especially when the Chef, or should I call Scientist hehehe... make the Ice Cream. White cold smoke covered the kitchen like a thick clouds... 

To bad LIN's owner, Astrid H.W is not on-site that day. I want to hear from her directly about her Journey from the first she about Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Italy until become a store named LIN. If there's no brilliant idea came from her head, today,  we never get a change to taste a fantastic ice cream.

the process of making the fabulous Ice Cream

LIN Artisan Ice Cream offeres 2 kind of Ice Cream. First is Gelato. Gelato is a famous ice cream made from fresh milk. Many variants that LIN make.

Ultimate  Chocolate With Chocolate Chips - IDR 39.000
Supreme Chocolate With Chocolate Chips that LIN made is so tasteful. The chocolate really blew me away. The mix between chocolate and milk is so great, without leaving any bitter after it. The choco chip more add the flavor. Best chocolate ever.

Rum and Raisin - IDR 69.000
Actually LIN categorize this Rum and Raisin into Alcohol Ice Cream. Since it made from pure 40% rum alcohol instead of the rum essence. Also they already soaked the raisin in to the rum, so it gives texture to the ice cream. What I loved most is, the rum is not too overpowering. it just blend well and tasty. I guess I need another bowl of this ice cream. Makes me don't want to share.

For the other kind of Ice Cream, LIN also have Sorbet. Sorbet is an ice cream made from raw ingredients like fresh fruits.

Lemon Sorbet - IDR 36.000
Sorbet also 1 of my favorite if I'm looking something sour.And LIN's sorbet is sooo smooth and tasty. We still can feel the lemon chunk. It taste so fresh and not make your throat scream.

Merry Strawberry - IDR 39.000
My favorite sorbet that day. Merry Strawberry marry me!! Strawberry really dominated all the flavor. A sour and a bit sweet make me want to dig it more and more.

LIN also served Ice Cream consist of Alcohol and coffee. looks like LIN want to fulfill all that customer like. I'd like to taste this 2 variant in my next visit.

For a coffee lover, LIN also have variants of Coffee. The coffee is from Javabica Coffee then they roasted it on their own. So we always get a fresh and good coffee here.

Affogato in the process
Affogato is a combination of the cold sweet ice cream with warm bitter espresso. Both the ice cream and the espresso made fresh. Made from pure vanilla and espresso from Javabica Coffee. What I like from the affogato when bitter meet sweet and when warm meet cold, it end with a very good  taste. The texture become creamy and  a bit thick. This is the true Yin and Yang I supposed.


A blend of Water, Ice Cubes and Espresso. A shot of espresso can be this good. The taste is like latte. More milky but we can still taste the espresso. As a coffee drinker, after the affogato, sure I'm the one who drink it again and again

A blend of Water, Ice Cubes and  Mocha.  Usually, in Some restaurant or coffee shop, the Mocha taste can be a bit to sweet or too bitter. But in LIN, all blend well. The texture a bit thick, but good.

Ice Cream, Coffee uumm what again?? Of course a lil' bit lite bite to accompany you. LIN have some of lite bite.

French Fries - IDR 29.000
LIN have thick cut for the french fries. The texture is crunchy outside and so soft inside. A lil' bit savory come from this fries. Eat it while it's hot. It more good and not chewy like when it's cold.

Served when it hot. The texture is tender and not smell fishy. Usually I'm too interest with fish ball. I get itchy after it. But since in LIN it taste fresh, not I guess it save enough hahaha... I can't stop snacking it.

Who doesn't love Nugget? For me nugget is emergency food when Mom not cooking hehehe. In LIN, their chicken nugget texture is a bit thick. So tender inside and crispy outside.

The portion is pretty big. But, unfortunately  the texture a bit chewy and not smooth enough. I just wih it could be more fluffy. Sprinkle with Icing sugar. Also please add more the maple syrup. Because it soak so fast into the waffle.

A very playful tummy and mouth. LIN Artisan Ice Cream really succeed to spoil me with their fabulous  Ice Cream. I surely will comeback here with more crowds.

LIN Artisan Ice Cream
Jl. Taman Kemang 1 No. 6
Jakarta 12730
Telp: 021-71794393
FB Fan Page: LIN Artisan
twitter: @linicecream


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