08 Juli 2013

Summer Holiday at Excelso Coffee

Since 1991, under Kapal Api Global, PT EXCELSO Multi Rasa or known as Excelso became a global product and grow so fast. We can find in over 101 Excelso Outlet around 29 big cities in Indonesia. They sell coffee seed to hotel, restaurants and cafe.

On last Saturday, an invitation drop  in my email. Excelso is about to launch Summer Holiday Beverages. I already imagine, that must be a very tempting and freshening drinks.

This event place in Excelso Kota Kasablanka. The place really nice and cozy. Separated into 2 areas. Indoor and Outdoor. If you are a smoker, just come inside where you can smoke, while outside are for those who not smoking. Both area have a good sitting place. With wood element in every interior, Excelso look so earthy. Big mirror make this cafe more spacious and wide.

I love how they manage their products. Whether the coffee products or the tumblers. They organize it it a big wooden shelves. They really consistent in placing every furniture or other stuff. Look at the lamp and sofa. Everything related to coffee. And it's cute and cool.

Event start with a short and nice speech from Monivia P. as PR and Media Relation. Then continue with Hanny A. Elvind as MarComm Manager. She explained about Excelso and it's products. And who knows that Excelso is real from Indonesia. Not like some coffee shop lately, that franchise from other country. Wow.. make me love Indonesia more. And for these years, Excelso has proven that Indonesia's coffee can beat non-local coffee.

After we seated, they offered us some Summer Drinks from Excelso. Make me curious, since they wont tell us what in it. They just said, they will reveal the ingredients later, and let us guess what in it. Ms Hanny said, This Holiday menu are taken from the existing regular menu. Beside those are recommended drinks from Excelso, the freshness from it taste really represented the Summer Holiday theme.

Maharani - IDR 41.500
Maharani is another variant from Maui Fruit Punch, which I explained it later, because it become my surprise to you readers... The different from Maui Fruit Punch is the fresh fruit mixed with coffee. We can find banana, pineapple, cherry, lychee and mixed with pineapple juice and strawberry syrup. Now imagine id all those ingredients mixed together. 

Banana Split Freeze - IDR 41.500
I ordered this one and I love it. Banana blend with chocolate syrup and strawberry sauce topped with whipped cream nuts and cherry. The taste is sweet. I feel full after drink it. The banana so dominate this drink.
Banana Split Frappio - IDR 41.500
Chilled Coffee blended with banana, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce and topped with whipped cream. The coffee can balance the sweetness from chocolate & strawberry sauce. Me as coffee lover, definitely loved this one better.

Summer Splash Freeze - IDR 41.500
A frozen cold drink consist of berries fruit, cherries and apple juice. The texture is thick. Similar like smoothies. If you had enough with sweetness, than you have to take this Summer Splash. The sour taste from berry really freshening.

And here is the star of the day. The gorgeous Maui Fruit Punch. Excelso use this drink to let us taking picture and decorate it for a summer campaign. I can't concentrate capture it actually. Too tempting to resist hehehe...

Maui Fruit Punch - IDR 41.500
This Lovely Maui Fruit Punch to Brighten Up Your Day
A very fruity drink. Consist of blended banana, some of fruits like pineapple, cherry and lychee mixed with pineapple juice, orange juice and strawberry syrup at the bottom to add more richness in flavor. I take a sip from this drink to really taste each flavor. From a sip, suddenly I already drink it to half glass and never stop to dig the fresh fruit in it. A very big and gorgeous lychee, became more pretty and pinkish splash by the strawberry syrup. The sweet taste not too overpower, because pineapple succeed balance all those ingredients.

My inspiration to decorate this drink is from the drink itself. Maui Fruit Punch, I picture it with fresh and pretty. So, I remember the gorgeous Hula-Hula dancer from Hawaii. That's why I spread flowers and crystal all around the drink. We don't allowed, and I don't want to change it also, the original appearance from Maui Fruit Punch. Well... at the end thanks so bad for my SkinnyMini besties to lend me your props *TeletubbiesHugs  

Beside the freshening drinks, Excelso also have yummy lite-bite to accompany you.

Excelso Club Sandwich - IDR 59,500
A big and generous filling of sandwich consist with grilled chicken slices, smoked beef, sliced egg, onion, tomatoes and fresh garden greens. These all served with french fries and your choice of white toast bread or whole toast bread, with their home-made sandwich spread. The actual size is bigger than the one in my picture. In my picture is for personal portion. Well, if for personal already that big, imagine for full portion. I had one a view month ago, and I'm so full after it. All served warm and fresh.

Crispy Cass (with Cheese+Chocolate) - IDR 27.500
Crispy Cass  (with Cheese+Chocolate+IceCream) – IDR 32.500
A simple dessert made from fried cassava, perfect for an afternoon meal, served with your choice of toppings. I love the cassava texture. It soft inside and crispy outside. Those skinny cassava more rich with sprinkle of chocolate and cheese. Especially when it's hot. Mix it all and it will melt in your mouth.

Mark your calendar readers. Because from June 3rd - July 31st, Excelso will give you drinks Melba or Blossom for FREE! OMG... I want it. You just need to dine for minimum 100k in 1 bill in Excelso and don't forget, in that bill you have to buy 1 of their Summer Beverages that I already mentioned above. As simple as that. Enjoy your Summer with peoples you love y'll
At the end, I'm having so much attended this event. Suddenly became an artsy people, couldn't thanks more to Indonesian Food Blogger and Excelso.

The Invitation

Thanks @YennyW for the lovely Pics

Kota Kasablanka Mall
Upper Ground, Unit MU-36
Jl.Casablanka Raya, Kav.88
Jaksel 12870
Telp: 021-29488508
FB Fan Page: Excelso Coffee
twitter: @ExcelsoCoffee

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