24 Juli 2013

Nobu Express - Play with Kusshon

A view weeks ago, me and some foodie mates back to Kemang area. Often see Japanese Fusion Resto called Nobu Express. Eventhough, from the front not too look big, but they have eye-catching color for their restaurant.

Entering Nobu Express, we can see several chairs for not-smoking area. Just go straight to cashier and bar area to make an  order. Yeepp... you must order in cashier, than pick a seat. If you not smoking I suggested, take a seat in 1st Floor. Because in 2nd Floor is for the one who smoke. But... since I came in a big group, so we take a seat in 2nd. Luckily, no one in there... So the room is ours hahaha...

Hi! My name is Kusshon. Welcome to my Nobu Express
Dine with Kusshon at 1st Floor
Nobu Express has many fusion food. Somekind like east meet west. Because Nobu Express has spaghetti and Hotdog in Japanese way. Hhhmm... are you curious enough? Let me spread the drinks 1st.


Green Tea Floats IDR 19,000
Ogura Floats IDR 19,000
Floats drink mixed between plain soda with green tea ice cream and ogura (red bean) ice cream. From the taste, I like the ogursa better than the green tea. I think the green tea flavor not too dominated this drink. A taste a bit bland. Meanwhile we still can taste the freshness of the ogura eventhough for both drink used for photo session for a minutes.

Italian Soda
Nobu Express also have many variants of Italian Soda. Not just looking pretty. But for it's own have a different characteristic. And of course really hard to resist.

Blue Lychee IDR 25,000
Blue curacao syrup, lychee syrup, soda water and lychee fruit.
I imagine drinking this in the beach. The blue curacao syrup really match with the ocean. Plus it has a good taste. Not too overpowering, so we still can taste the lychee. Served with Lychee fruit.

*Blue curacao is a sweet blue liqueur, distilled and flavored from the dried peel of bitter oranges. It can also contain distillates of lemons and curacao fruit, sugar and wine. Blue Curacao is often used to induce color into cocktails and other mixed drinks.

Tasty Lychee IDR 25,000
Lychee sirup, soda water, and lychee fruit.
this is the true color of lychee. So freshening. Not too sweet. All those lychee really dominated this drink, so the soda water not too kick much. Served with Lychee fruit.

Hawaiian Beach IDR 25,000
Blue curacao syrup, green apple syrup, soda water.
The apple syrup taste a bit bland. The curacao syrup and the soda water more dominated this Hawaiian Beach drink. Served with apple chunk.

Seasonal Green IDR 25,000
Green apple syrup, soda water.
Apple definitely dominated this drink. But this apple syrup, I think just like an ordinary syrup that I used to buy in convenient store hehehe... Served with apple chunk.
Sunrise IDR 25,000
Strawberry syrup, orange syrup and soda water.
Me like this one. taste a bit sweet and sour. it come out a perfect blend. So freshening.

Morning Breeze IDR 25,000
Green apple syrup, orange syrup, soda water.
Taste a bit sweet. I thought the orange syrup can make a balance taste. But I guess the orange taste sweet too. 
Strawberry Lychee IDR 25,000
Strawberry syrup, lychee syrup, soda water and strawberry fruit.
I also like this one. The strawberry so fresh blend with soda water. Not to forget strawberry chunk more add freshness to this drink.

Chef Kassas (I hope I spell it right) who really patient explain every menu to us

Jap-Dog for Japanese fusion hotdog

JapDog Barbeque Sauce IDR 19,000
Grilled sausage poured with barbeque sauce, mayonaise and sprinkle with nori. I like how the make the sausage. It quite tender and the barbeque sauce quite tasty.

JapDog Katsu Sauce IDR 19,000
This JapDog quite unique. Because they make the sausage looks like katsu. Sausage coated with breadcrumb poured with Katsu Sauce and mayonnaise and sprinkle with nori. The taste a bit sweet. They succeed make the sausage crispy outside and still tender inside.

Japanese Pasta

California Wafu IDR 29,000
California Cream IDR35,000
The topping is just the same. What make it different is only the sauce. Consist of avocado, Kani Stick, Tobiko, and wakame. If you ever eat California Roll sushi, well... this is the spaghetti version of California Roll Sushi. The Kani stick (crab), tobiko (flying fish egg) taste fresh.

Gindara Katsu Wafu IDR 29,000
Gindara Katsu Cream  IDR 35,000
Gindara Fish coated with bread crumb. The result is a very crispy Gindara Fish but still tender inside. What I like from this Gindara is the fish not smell fishy.
Tempura Cream IDR 29,000
Tempura consist of Big Fresh and not fishy Shrimp, Shitake Mushroom, and Onion. All topping coated with a very crispy tempura flour. It's not oily. The veggies and shrimp still fresh and tender.
It also served in Tempura Wafu Spaghetti style (IDR 29,000).

Dory Katsu Cream IDR 35,000
Dory fish coated with breadcrumb flour.  Again, Nobu Express succeed in processing the fish. Still crispy outside and still tender inside. Dory always good whatever how you process it #just saying...
It also served in Dory Katsu Cream Style (IDR 35,000)

Chicken Katsu Wafu IDR 29,000
Thigh Chicken coated with breadcrumb. The classic chicken katsu from japanese resto. The chicken is tender and taste good. Also served Chicken Katsu Cream (IDR 35,000)

Salmon Katsu Wafu IDR 29,000
Salmon coated with breadcrumb. The  texture is great. Still tender inside and crispy outside. But for me, I still like salmon the old way. Only simply grill it. But this taste is quite decent too.

California Wafu made from wafu sauce the basic ingredients is shoyu sauce and other herbs.  Shoyu sauce itself taste savory and a bit salty, but in a good way. For California Wafu, the texture is dry.
California Cream more like spaghetti carbonara. The taste a bit bland. And I wish they make it a bit more thick. I just wish they add more flavor into it. It could be wonderful.

Golden Roll IDR 35,000
Sushi is one of a Japanese typical food. It's like already a trademark for Japanese resto. In Nobu Express, their signature sushi is Golden Roll. Consist of smoked salmon, tamago (egg), salmon skin and topped with Japanese mayonnaise, Spicy mayonnaise and shallots. The taste is great. The salmon taste good. Only I skip the shallots. Not too like it. The sauce also great. mixed between spicy and savory. Love it.

Nobu Express also serve delivery service with minimum purchase IDR 100,000 and with delivery charge IDR 15.000

Overall, Nobu Express is worth for a hangout place. Simple food, friendly staff with reasonable price.

Nobu Express
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 9 C
Jakarta Selatan
Telp: 021-7195246
FB Fan Page: Nobu Express
twitter: @NobuExpress


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