12 September 2013

Macaroni House

I've known Macaroni House long time ago even when their store in Puri Indah not build yet. At 1st they online sell through online. Probably see the great response from customers, they finally open their 1st store in Puri Indah area. To be honest, I don't where is Puri Indah. Luckily I went there with several mates.

Entering Macaroni House restaurant, feel like home. The place not too spacious but convy enough. Separated in to two area, indoor and outdoor. We prefer take a seat indoor with a long bench and table. By the way... the owl cushion is soo cute... Not just the cushion, every little things and details that Macaroni House have, is so cute and unique

Kiddos... don't worry babies... You have playhouse here in Macaroni House. You can dig your macaroni and play with fun

Macaroni House make an innovation to infuse Indonesian flavor in their menu. So when the Owner< Clara said that there will be Opor, Woku and sambal fish I'm pretty curious and a bit skeptic actually. Will it be tasty or work with the pasta. Well... Let's prove it...

POP (Potato Oh Potato) – Opor Baked Potato 6 pcs - IDR 100.000
Wooww... this POP taste good. Macaroni House using Opor for one of the POP menu. Opor is classic Indonesian food specially from Central Java. made from coconut milk. So smooth and tasty. I used to taste the carbonara one. And it also taste great.

Vesuvius Fries - IDR 35.000
From it's picture you see french fries topped with melted cheese  and barbeque sauce. My suggestion, eat it while it's hot. Because the melted cheese & barbeque sauce taste more yummy and tasty.

Pasta Nusantara from Macaroni House
Spaghetti Rendang Bolognaise - IDR 38.000
Rendang infuse with Bolognaise? Uuumm curious aight? Rendang has been the most favorite food in the whole world. A signature dish from West Sumatra. Macaroni House brought rendang into one of their dish. And it taste good. A bit spicy but not leaving weird taste after eat it. 

Spaghetti Sambal Fish - IDR 38.000
As its name, the taste of sambal really kick in mouth. The texture is creamy with a big chunk of tender fish. It taste fresh and not fishy. For a spicy lover, I think you'll gonna love this Spaghetti Sambal Fish.

Fettucine Creamy Woku - IDR 38.000
Creamy and Spicy. Typical of Manado food. Not as spicy as sambal fish. The taste  from the woku really come out. Not just the smell. All blend well together.

Fettucine Carbonara - IDR 38.000
Classic flavor from Macaroni House. Served with a big cut of sausage anf mushroom. Creamy not too overpowering. It taste yummy. A bit taste of blackpepper. Make this fettuccine taste more great.

From Nusantara Pasta, me and hubby loved the Sambal Fish. The balance between spicy and creamy really great in mouth. My suggestion, if you ordering pasta, eat it while it still warm. The sauce  more tastier. All pasta cooked aldente.

Beef Bacon Potato Soup - IDR 25.000
Nice comfort food. Well balance and texture. So creamy and yummy. Served in a cute chopping board and cute bowl.

Mushroom Soup - IDR 20.000
This mushroom soup really fulfill my expectation. Taste so great. The thickness is just right. It cooked to the perfection. Especially whe it served warm.

Grandma Mac and Cheese Baked Macaroni -IDR 40.000
First I ordered this mac 'n cheese when they still in online store. Hard to resist the cheese crumble and cheese filling. Macaroni House is so generous in giving topping and filling. Macaroni cooked well so it get smooth texture. 
Shroom Chicken - IDR 43.000
First I saw this Shroom Chicken was in my blogger mates twitter. Yes, she succeed making me drooling and mouthwatering. So when I come to Macaroni House, this is one of the menu that I'm waiting. They cooked the chicken beautifully. Crispy outside and still tender inside topped with melted cheese. Served with mashed potato as side dish and the sauce is yummy. Make every single things on plate taste more fantastic.

Blueberry Crumble - IDR 25.000
What I like from this blueberry crumble is that the taste not too sweet. Macaroni add the sweetness just right. That's why probably they balance it with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. Warm and Cold is tasty.

Banana Burn - IDR 20.000
Grilled Banana poured with butterscotch sauce and served with vanilla Ice Cream.Great paiiring.

Creme Brulee - IDR 25.000
The actual recipe name is Mexican Chocolate Creme Brulee. Rich with chocolate but not too sweet. There's a bit of spicy taste in it. Well... when I see the recipe there's some chilli in it. So no wonder, if it's a bit spicy. But not too overpowering. Pretty unique. You should to try this one.

Strawberry Yakult - IDR 20.000
Me likey this one. Taste a bit sour. Blend with yakult make this drink more great. Perfect balance after your eating pasta menu.

Teh Tarik Float - IDR 20.000
At 1st, I thought this is a coffee. But when I sip it... It's teh tarik with mocha ice cream. Taste a bit bland. But the ice cream can cover it up.

Melon Float - IDR 20.000
Melon Juice with vanilla ice cream. great for your lazy afternoon.

Dalmatian Shake - IDR 20.000
Kids will love this Dalmatian Shake which is actually a chocolate milkshake garnish with Oreo cookies. I like the consistency of this shake. Not too sweet but the chocolate flavor still dominate and not bland.

Overall, I always loved dine in a place that have ambiance like at home. Especially accompany with a nice dishes and warm hospitality from Macaroni House staff and Owner.

Macaroni House also available for delivery. So, you can have Macaroni House menu whenever you want.

Macaroni House
Jl Raya Pesanggarahan No. 168 B
Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat 11610
Telp: 021-5809171
FB: Macaroni House
twitter: @macaroni_house


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