27 September 2013

Go Cha - Taiwan Delight

Got an invitation to attend the new Bubble Tea and milk Tea cafe, Go Cha. At first i have a doubt to come here. It's because the location is way to far from my cribs. And I'm totally blind with this area.But when I heard there several blogger mates who join, then I asked them to lead me there hehehe...

Go Cha placed in Greenville, West Jakarta. Since this is my 1st time come to Greenville area, I was pretty amazed with so many restaurant and cafe around the street. And when I 1st entering the facade of Go Cha, it already looked cute and greeny. With a little garden and welcome sign.

Go Cha split in to two area. down stairs, where we can find some cute chairs and tables also the bar and kitchen or you can go upstairs for indoor area and outdoor area. Both nice to be seat. And that day we seated in 2nd Floor indoor. Many smiling icon that look so so cute. And they have lil' doll for every icon. I want it all... hahaha

Sitting Area at 1st Floor
Outdoor Area at 2nd Floor

Enough discuss about their environment. Let's move with what they served. Curious huh? Let's find out what make them different from bubble drink and milk tea in other place.

Lychee Flavour Heineken - IDR 30.000
Wooww... heineken in a bubble drink? This is something new. The bittersweet Heineken mixed with the sweetness from the lychee make this drink  taste so great. And the heineken not just a highlight. Because both heineken and lychee have it's own role. Must try!!

Soursop Strawberry Yakult - IDR 20.000
Really great for a hot day like these days. I like the freshness and the sour taste from soursop and strawberry. Yakult blend it all together and ended with a freshening drink.

Homemade Ice Coconut Jelly Yakult - IDR 20.000
Well... this is also something new. Coconut in bubble drink. Especially when it mixed with yakult. Add more sour taste in this drink. For my palate the taste is decent.

Ice Blended Bubble Gum - IDR 20.000
Cute presentation from Bubble Gum Blended. With a colorful cookies on top. But this bubble gum was too sweet to my palate. That's why maybe they put bland cookies on top. To make it balance.

Lychee Flavour Tea - IDR 17.000
For more lite drink, you can try this lychee tea. More great if you pair it with popping pearl.

Oreo Ice Cream Milk Tea - IDR 25.000 with topping Black Pearl IDR 3.000
In Go Cha, this drink known as Cuki Cream Milk Tea. This can be a choice for you who like cookies and chocolate. This drink pretty make me full. Maybe because cookies blend with milk...

Beside Milk Tea and Bubble Drink, Go Cha also served some main course and snacks. These are some of them...

Hot Plate Seafood Tofu with Rice - IDR 35.000
Savory dish taste is decent. The tofu is smooth, seafood not smell and fishy.More good if you eat it when it still warm. the seasoning more tasty.

Hot Plate Chicken Tofu with Rice - IDR 29.000
There's an omelet egg in the bottom of tofu and with generous amount of minced chicken. I taste it sweet and savory. Like topping in chicken noodle. But I like this one than seafood. 
Salted Egg Dory with Rice and Vegetable - IDR 33.000
Taste wise from this dish. Quite unique. They succeed bring the salted egg to this menu. Make the dory more rich flavor. The dory is tender and crispy. The capcay (vegetable) also good, not overcooked. Less salt a bit. Maybe to make it balance with the salted egg. You should try it.

Braised Beef Shank Noodle - IDR 32.000
Braised Beef Shank Noodle came when it still hot. I like this noodle consistency. Beef texture really tender. Veggies and noodle not overcooked. And the savory from the soup is really good.

Spice mix BBQ Popcorn Chicken - IDR 23.000
From all menu that Go Cha served that day, for this dish a lil' bit failed. At least for my palate. Why? Because they add too many... even over powering seasoning. It ends a salty and a bit weird taste after it. Go Cha you really need improvement with this menu. I bet kids loves it.

Overall, Go Cha really great place to go. Specially when you bring your kids here. The interior is so cute and cozy. Not too spacious, but still can make us comfortable. For drink, I guess they can beat other bubble drink that already exist. Their improvement and unique drink make Go Cha different from other. Just go here and try'em all...

Go Cha Taiwan Delights
Jl. Ratu Kemuning A2 No. 8B
Jakarta Barat
Telp: 021-98244590
FB Fan Page: Go Cha
twitter: @gochacafe


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