24 September 2013

Scoop Bar Ice Cream

One more a place for a dessert lover. Invited to the opening of ice cream and cookies store in Kota Kasablanka made so exciting. Curious because, I'd like to find out what make it different than other ice cream store. So here I go with some several mates at Lower Ground Kota Kasablanka Mall.

The place is not too spacious. They just have a view seat. Well, since it's dessert with hand size, you can just take away your order. Dominated with black and white, Scoop Bar want to take all different market, woman and man. The place pretty eye-catching though. With many cute cartoon picture.

In Scoop Bar, they allowed us to build our own Sandwich Ice Cream based on cookies and ice cream that we like. You just need to pay IDR 30,000 and you can get Ice Cream sandwich that you build. How fun is that huh??  Just follow below step...

Scoop Bar guaranty that they only served fresh baked cookies every day. No wonder, when I ate that, it feel crunchy and yummy. I want to loaded my jar with it... Here are some cookies that served in Scoop Bar:
Daily Cookies : Candy, Chocolate Chip, Matcha, S'mores, Peanut Butter
Special Cookies: Funfetti, Oreo, Almost Red Velvet
Also served Original Waffles
When you visit Scoop Bar, you have to try Almost Red Velvet, Matcha, S'mores (marshmallow on top). the taste is heaven. Makes me grab it for several times hehehe....

Entering Scoop Bar, we served with so many cute and colorful cookies. All made me drooling. It felt like, I'm a little kids with their toys hohoho...

Scoop Bar's Menu

They also have Nutella in this September. So blew in my mouth. Beside Nutella, there are also Blueberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter & Jam, Penutastic, Choco banana, and Kaya. So here are some creativity from me and friends

Funfetti Cookies – Banana Ice Cream – Matcha Cookies
My creation on Ice Cream. I like the cookies. But the banana not too pop-out in the ice cream
Smores Cookies – Rum Raisin Ice Cream – Almost Red Velvet Cookies
Me like this creation. S'mores Cookies that topped with marshmallow is so yummy and also the almost red velvet cookies. All that combine with rum raisin ice cream. Love it!
And if you to confuse and too hard make decision, don't worry... Scoop Bar have some fun selection that you can choose

The Classic - Chocolate Chips Cookies with vanilla Ice Cream

A simple thing comes from the ordinary things too. A simple vanilla ice cream combine with the chocolate chip cookies.
The Green Experiment - Matcha Cookies with Banana Ice Cream
I forgot that I already build my own sandwich with the same taste hohooho... The different is the cookies whole from matcha. Well, I don't mind. Since I love their matcha cookies.
Very Fun Stuff - Funfetti Cookies with Strawberry Ice Cream
The appearance is really girly aight? Like it's name, colorful sprinkle cookies with strawberry ice cream that I think the taste was just okay.
The Gentlemen's Breakfast - Waffles with Mocha Ice Cream
From the appearance, the waffle looks so tough. Well, it pictures it's name, The Gentlemen. But, when we eat it, it's like blend with the ice cream. It become soft, a bit chewy but good in mouth. Perfect pair with the mocha.
Its Dalmatian - Oreo Cookies with Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream
Cookies meet cookies. It's good together. Cookies 'n Cream ice cream taste not too sweet, which is good. So it good when it paired with the bittersweet oreo cookies.
Scoop Bar's Floats
7th Heaven: Sprite with Frambozen scoop
Brown Spider: Sarsapilla with chocolate Scoop
Royal Blush: Fanta with vanilla scoop.

This Floats like other Floats that you often seen in many restaurants. But for me, the Royal Blush taste more freshening. The presentation not as pretty as their ice cream.

The Gangs - Who make Scoop Bar exist
Cute Bags for you to take away your Cookies
1 bag of 5 cookies - IDR 35,000
3 Bags - IDR 100,000

Thanks a bunch Scoop Bar for invited me. Such  a great time building our own dessert. So, we never get bored with only 1 kind of type of Ice Cream. Hope in your next project is creating another variant of ice cream. Have a dessert day y'll

Scoop Bar
Mal Kota Kasablanka
Lower Ground Island Unit #28
Jl Casablanca Raya Kav 88
Telp: (021) 29488758
FB Fan Page: Scoop Bar
twitter: @ScoopBarID


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