27 Desember 2013

CIMORY RIVERSIDE - Escape for Lunch

In one Sunday lazy morning me and hubby think something different for lunch. Because I'm too lazy to cook, I asked him to go out  for lunch. And suddenly just cross in my mind about Cimory. I heard about Cimory for couple times, but I never get chance to go there. So here we are at Cimory for lunch

We sat in outside area. So we can see the beautiful view of a river next to the restaurant. They also have a big green yard that really spoiled my eyes.

Before we decide about the menu, I already PingPingPing my mates Yenny and Soya . And I'm preety curious with their Sausage. The shape is very long...


Indotofu Seaweed (6pcs) - IDR 29.500
Crispy deep fried tofu with seaweed. The tofu is so smooth. And it served hot. What I like is, the tofu taste not too salty. So it a good start before main course.


Paket Iga Bakar Komplit - IDR 47.500
Maybe the presentation is not too pretty. But this blackpepper ribs is worth to try. A very tender blackpepper ribs served warm along with rice and melinjo chips. I like the consistency of the seasoning. It soak reall well into the ribs.

Ring Kanzler Sausage - IDR 43.900
This is the menu that I've got from my blog's mate like I mentioned earlier. Curious with sausage that have shape like horseshoe.  I can smell the smokey flavor from the sausage. It taste pretty good. Served with barbeque sauce that have taste sweet and savory make the sausage taste more good. And don't forget the side dish, which are the potato wedges that have smooth inside and still crispy outside and also the cheese crackers. Worth to try in in a relax time.

Suddenly rain was coming down when we enjoyed our lunch. And the weather became so much cold. So we think to have something to warm us. 

Wedang Ronde
Chewy mochi filled with peanuts. It has the balance texture. I like the taste of the peanuts. To bad the ginger soup is not hot. In fact,  it a bit cold. It would be great if it's served hot. It could more pop out the ginger taste.

In Cimory, beside the restaurant itself, there's also store that sell many Cimory product like sausage, chips, candy, mayonnaise, Yoghurt etc. I bought many things from this store. from spinach chips, sausage, mayonnaise etc. hehhe... a housewife typical.

Me and hubby like a possessed people when we see a lots of chocolates in front of us. We are the chocolate addict so damn much. Entering the Chocomory, a chocolate store that placed next to the restaurant make me overwhelmed. Confused what to choose. It's just like I want to grab it all. But then again, based on my mates preference, I bought a almond chocolate, little chocolates and that cute Chocomory mascot, the round chocolate that so good to cuddle.

At the end, we really have so much fun here. Many activities we can do here. I bet kids gonna love visit Cimory. Next time, I'll be back here with my family.

Cimory Riverside
Jl. Raya Puncak 415
Cisarua - Bogor
Phone : 0812-1240-7500


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