18 Desember 2013

KRONUT at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Cake Shop

Actually this one is a very very late post. But since I can't stand to hold this in my folder, so I still want to post it anyway.

In one nice afternoon, me and hubby suddenly want something sweet. And then I remember, in one of my mate blog, I found Kronut review in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Cake Shop. So me & hubby straight heading to MO Cakeshop. Since we just need to blink from our office in Imam Bonjol, Thamrin area.

MO CakeShoop placed inside the Cinnamon Restaurant. You'll find a yummy and pretty cakes in their display. From tiny lil' cake to whole cake that look tempting. But this time, we only want to snacking on their Kronut. This just because I suddenly mouthwatering see it in one my blog's mate.

MO Cake Shop named their cronut with cronut. Kronut is a croissant donut. It has shape like donut but taste like croissant. With a fatty and crunchy layer, Kronut MO Cakeshop is really have to try. To get your Kronut, just call them and make reservation. No minimum order. Even if you only want to buy one, they still serve you happily.

Vanilla Kronut - IDR 33.000 ++

Vanilla Cream Kronut taste so yummy. It so melted in your mouth. The vanilla cream is not too overpowering, so it taste not too sweet and not leaving weird taste after eating it. Beside on top of the Kronut, we also can find the vanilla cream In the middle of the Kronut. Almond give it more crunchy texture.

Chocolate Kronut - IDR 33.000 ++
Chocolate Cream Kronut from MO Cakeshop is another choice of Kronut that you can choose. When you slice the the Kronut we can see the generous amount of the chocolate cream. The texture is not too thick. It has a good texture. But it too sweet for my liking. Specially mixed with the sliced chocolate as the topping. So, I end of only eat the Kronut and the topping.

I told you before that actually this is a late post aight. So, this chocolate Kronut is no longer available in MO Cakeshop. They replace it with Christmas Edition with ginger taste in it. Looks like MO Cakeshop want to make many kind and taste of Kronut so customer wont get bored.

Vanilla Bourbon TWG
To balance the Kronut, so I ordered with this comfort Vanilla Bourbon from TWG. Served hot in a fancy tea pot it so nice to pair it with Kronut.

Strawberry Milkshake
My hubby is always be a number one sweet tooth fans. So, he order this milkshake to accompany his Kronut. This quite good. It has the right thickness.

Like I mentioned earlier, don't forget to call one day before if you want your Kronut. And make sure that you arrive right on-time. So you'll get the fresh Kronut. Considering this Kronut only can stand within 6 hours, so you better not keeping it too long. As for me, no need 10minutes to eat this yummy Kronut.

The Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Jl. M.H Thamrin PO BOX 3392, Jakarta 10310

(021) 2993 8823

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  1. To be honest, I've never even tried a cronut, but now I want to! They are sort of the fad at the moment, I guess, but that doesn't make them any less delish right?


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