13 Februari 2014

Celebrate your Valentines Day at OH LA LA

For you who love to eat fresh bread and cake, you must know about Oh La La. So I think I don;t have to introduce it to you again aight? Because I can't wait to spread to you the scrumptious menu. With a French Casual Dining, Oh La La offered us not only a good place to dine but also a good food for you too choose.

Placed in Kota Kasablanka,   Oh La La has 40 seat capacity for outdoor and 35 capacity for indoor. If you not smoking, better you seat indoor. But if you don't mind with smoke, you can seat outside and can see Kasablanka street for the view.

We can peek their kitchen behind this frame. It just like a moving painting aight?
Like I mentioned earlier above, I'll spread you Valentines Day Package that Oh La La have. They have a very fantastic offer this time. Just only IDR 250.000++ for 2 person you already get appetizer, main course and dessert. Not only that, special in February 14th, every package that you order, you'll get the red roses. This promo valid start from 8 February until 28 February 2014.


Baked potato jacket that served with chilli con carne, Mozzarella Stick with Marinara Sauce that really really when it's warm so we still can taste the melted mozzarella in our mouth then the last is the Gratin Chicken Avocado with barbeque sauce that be my most like from the appetizer plate that day.


Pan Seared Dory Primavera served with Pesto Spaghetti. The spaghetti cooked aldente and the dory fish fillet also tender and not fishy. I like well balance from the marinara sauce. It taste a bit tangy from the tomato and a bit spicy.

Roast Chicken is so tender. The taste is decent. The skin is crisp and the sauce soak well into the chicken. The ratatouille a bit overcooked but still taste good. Mix well with the scaloppini that taste a bit bland. Overall this roasted chicken quite good.

A dish that consist of sirloin beef and fried mushroom poured with gravy sauce. Served with potato that filled with scallop and ratatouille.
The appearance to me is more look like a beef pastry than the beef wellington I usually eat and see. But this one taste pretty good. The is tender and the pastry quite moist. It crisp in the outside. But there's something from the pastry that missing. Not too fluffy in the inside.

Looks like Oh La La don't have any standard for each menu consistency.  Because when I asked my friend in the different table, some said the Beef Wellington was tender and other said it was chewy and not nice. That also happened with the Roast Chicken, in our table the taste is nice but my friend's chicken  taste a bit salty.

But overall, the main course served was decent and quite good to try.


Lemon & Peach Cake taste good. Not too sweet, pretty moist, but the weird thing is, why they put blueberry sauce as a mix. It would be great if they put lemon or peach sauce.
Opera Cake taste nice. Moist and smooth. The layer is good. Really melt in my mouth
Strawberry Shortcake taste pretty good. The cheese filling quite nice. But the cake not too fluffy.

Overall, Oh La La still on the track to serve their yummy and scrumptious menu. So many selection of cakes, cookies, bread or any main course that can make your drooling. Just prove it  by yourself.

OH LA LA Cafe Kota Kasablanka
Kota Kasablanka Mall UG Floor
WEEKDAYS 10.00 - 22.00 | WEEKEND 10.00 - 24.00


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