27 Februari 2014

Dessert ala Egg Nest Bistro

A view weeks ago me and several friend got a chance to visit an unique restaurant called Egg Nest Bistro. Actually Egg Nest Bistro is part of a  Oaktree Hotel that located right next door.

If you curious with the cute name Egg Nest, it's inspired from the owner name itself. A young girl called Agnes Juniper have a great idea in restaurant business.

First stepped in you will see many  birds and nest as their decoration. They look so cute. Egg Nest put the egg, birds and even tree in their restaurant. The bloomy lighting make the restaurant more convy. It feel homey too with the wooden furniture. Eventhough the parking lot not too big, but the restaurant pretty spacious. It because this restaurant become a buffet diner for the hotel guest's breakfast.

Agnes also told us, she doesn't want just create an unique place, but also a creative dish. We also can capture the egg nest theme through their food. Egg Nest served many varieties of Asian Food, Western Food and Italian Food. All start from dessert, salad, main course until dessert. This time, we got a chance to taste their dessert and salad.

Egg Nest Special Salad - IDR 58.000
A very unique presentation. We can eat all in the plate. The nest is made from crunchy potato then filled with smoke beef, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. As for the tree, Egg Nest put a fresh lettuce and paprika. I think Egg Nest didn't have any specific standard for their meals. It taste from this menu. Some of friend got the salad that have bland taste, some more have the salty one.

Panna Cotta  - IDR 48.000
Fresh Vanilla Infuse Italian Panna Cotta with sauce Melba.
The texture a bit dense than the usual panna cotta that I usually met in some restaurants. The milk taste was too overwhelming. Luckily the melba sauce can make a balance for it.

Nested Pavlova - IDR 48.000
A beautiful layered of meringue with fresh fruit cream.
You better eat fast the maringue when it just come to your table. Because the texture wont take long. It will sunken immediately in open air temperature. The fresh fruit cream was made from the fresh strawberry and blueberry with a raisin in it.

Chocolate Parfait Merry-Go-Round - IDR 58.0000
Up-side down chocolate parfait, home made chocolate sauce on the chocolate nest
The nest was made from cornflakes that frozen with the chocolate. At first a bit hard to break the nest. Maybe because it was too frozen. But this dessert was great for you chocolate lovers. The chocolate ice cream is good topped with cone and chocolate sauce.

La Fleur Cake - IDR 68.000
What if you can eat dirt straight from it's pot? Yeepp... you can have it in Egg Nest. It some kind like molecular gastronomy technique. It's basically a chocolate cake with cream cheese in it. As for the dirt effect, they use oreo crumble on top. The portion is enough for 2. It so beautiful dessert.

Fruity Yakult Drink - IDR 28.000
Fruity Yakult Drink come in many varieties of fruits. You can choose between the strawberry, lychee, mango, peach, banana and green tea. the sweet from the fruity syrup blend with the acidity of the yakult. With popping bobba in the bottom, this drink suit for a hot day.

Overall, some of the dessert were too sweet to my palate. But I have to admit, the presentation and the idea that Egg Nest have is so amazing. With a unique food and great place ambiance, Egg Nest is worth to try.

Egg Nest Bistro
Jl. Sampit V No. 3
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
(inside Oak Tree Hotel)


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