06 Februari 2014

Kenny's Chicken Teriyaki at Kenny Rogers Roasters

After my last visit to Kenny Rogers Roasters for Xmas & New Year new menu, I've got a chance again  to try another menu from Kenny Rogers Roasters.

In celebrating Chinese New Year 2014, Kenny Rogers launched their new menu. it's Kenny's Chicken Teriyaki and 2 freshening drink to accompany your meal.  If you feeling weird why they launch Japanese food in Chinese New Year, well.... so do I hehe... Since it's seasonal menu, so you really have to try this. Enjoy Kenny's Chicken Teriyaki Chicken start from 27 January 20014 until 16 March 2014. Mark your calendar y'll.

The new menu launched at Kota Kasablanka branch. Me and hubby several times eat in this place. Pretty convy, eventhough sometime it can be a bit crowd when we sit in outdoor area.

Kenny's Chicken Teriyaki
IDR 65.000

1/4 Roasted Chicken Leg wrapped in special teriyaki sauce served with mushroom soup, aromatic rice and your choice of muffin.
Never judge by its appearance. As you see in the picture above, the appearance not look tempting and beautiful to bring your appetite to come. Because they need to wrapped the chicken with cooking paper when they roasted it, so that the teriyaki sauce soak into the chicken. Well, when I taste it, it really marinated well. The teriyaki sauce really soak in to the whole chicken. Even to the bone! The chicken served tender. It served with aromatic rice that cooked well ( my friend Yenny, so happy see that rice LOL), mushroom soup, that I wish could served warm, and muffin. I choose banana muffin from 3 selected choice of muffin. This menu enough to make my tummy full to the max.

Kenny Rogers also served Kenny's  Chicken Teriyaki for family package.  You can have Kenny's Chicken Teriyaki - Take Home Feast with only IDR 499.000. You already get 6 portion  of Kenny's  Chicken Teriyaki, 6 side dish, 6 orange juice and 6 home-made muffin. Isn't that great?

Grappy Blast - IDR 33.000
Grappy Blast is a mix between honey citrus and grape. They brag to me that once I drink this Grappy Blast, you wont stop. Well, they prove it right. I like the consistency of the honey citrus and grape with a twist a little bit of soda. It blend so well so it make the sour and sweet mix together.

Tropical Paradise - IDR 33.000
A mix between pineapple, orange and strawberry splash. It also make sour and sweet mix together. I think the strawberry syrup more dominated in this drink. But it still freshening also.

So what else are you waiting for? Come to the nearest Kenny Rogers to get this special menu.

Kenny Rogers Roasters
Kota Kasablanka Mall
LG Fl Unit 17 – 17 A
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav 88

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  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.. hooray for the aromatic rice!!! hahaha


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