14 Februari 2014

New Menu from Kitchenette

Kitchenette that usually famous with their creperie, launched their newest creation that really innovative and fresh daily made. The new items showcase classic food with unique twists on everything from starters to dessert.

Place in Kitchenette Senayan City, Kitchenette still adopt the same concept with their outlet in Plaza Indonesia. The design is full of kitchen cabinet, kitchen equipment and kitchen accessories integrated with a bit of 'structured messiness'. The details that Kitchenette put in every corner is so adorable and cute. I want to grab some of them hehehe.... This is the 1st time I go to Kitchenette Senayan City. I usually visit their store in Kitchenette Plaza Indonesia. Since it more close to my office.

Kitchenette Senayan City split into 2 area, indoor and outdoor. For you smoker, just take place in outdoor.


Baja Fried Fish Tacos with Avocado & Homemade Salsa - IDR 75.000
Two pieces of tacos that filled with generous fried dory fish and veggies. I like the tenderness of the dory fish. Tomato and avocado for salsa sauce add more flavor to this tacos. If you want to add a spicy & tangy taste, you can add some of the red and green Tabasco

Chicken Dobladitas - IDR 69.000
Sheredded Chicken Flour Tortillas with Green Chili Sauce
I like the Baja tacos, but I like this Chicken Dobladitas more. Specially when it added with tomato salsa sauce. It so fragrant and tasty. The shredded chicken is  so tender and blend well with the green chilli sauce. 


Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles - IDR 89.000
 Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles with Chili Butter and Maple Syrup
A very unique twist and combination from Kitchenette. Your palate can taste all the elements from this menu. You can taste savory from the chicken - which is too bad, the chicken a lil'  bit overcooked, but it still tender though, then you can taste Sour and tangy from the barbeque sauce, Spicy from the chilli butter and sweet from the maple syrup. When you pour the maple syrup to the waffle, it become blend with all elements in the late. You have to eat this while it's warm. Because it more melt in your mouth and it's like a symphony that play in all your palate.

Grandma’s Chicken Casserole - IDR 110.000
Chicken Casserole with creamy white wine sauce
4 pieces Thigh and Drumstick  was served in 1 portion. The chicken texture really crisp in the outside and juicy also tender in the inside. The texture from the sauce also great. The creaminess is just right. It's not too heavy. But I wish the white wine could be more bold.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake - IDR 69.000
This chocolate lava cake is not too dense like lava cake that I usually eat. The texture more soft. With a generous amount of melted chocolate and peanut butter really explode in your mouth. To balance the sweetness, Kitchenette pairing it with lemon sorbet. Like the the lemon sorbet very much. It sour, light and freshening.

Rustic Chocolate Strawberry Cake - IDR 59.000
The strawberry frosting is not too sweet, which I like. A bit sour come from the strawberry sauce.

Homemade Italian Profiteroles - IDR 49.000
Profiteroles that filled with a lemon cream that have a very light texture. The lemon itself to be a balancing for the chocolate and caramel sauce that topped all of the Profiteroles. I like the texture of the Profiteroles. It so moist and smooth.

Rocky-road ‘Flourless’ cake - IDR 49.000
If you want to eat a cake without any flour in it, you can taste this cake. The texture a bit dense, but it moist when it already in your mouth. Served with vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel sauce.


Red Velvet Frappe - IDR 45.000
 If usually we found red velvet in cake, now Kitchenette turn it into Frappe drink. It quite unique and new.  with a hidden taste of chocolate in the frappe and cheese for the frosting.

Chocolate Brownie - IDR 45.000
Chocolate brownie Frappe not favorite frappe of that day. The chocolate not bold enough. Plus it leaving weird taste after I drink it.

Orange Creamsicle - IDR 45.000
OMG! I'm addicted with this frappe. It so fresh, fragrant The orange really dominated the cream. The cream texture is just right. every elements in this frappe really blend together. Love it.

Strawberry Gingerbread  - IDR 45.000
I also like this one. strawberry with a hint of ginger bread in it. It feel like you eat a cookie, but in a drink. Really unique and great.

After spoiled with Kitchenette's new menu, we still got a chance their regular menu. Keep scroll down to know it.

The Maid’s Nasi Goreng with Spicy Seafood, Fried Egg and Chicken Satay - IDR 85.000
We ordered this for our beloved "Mamak Yenny". She's so thrilling when see rice LOL. So this time we ordered it less spicy. The fried rice taste just okay. i think it more kick in seasoning. But the chicken satay is good. The chicken is tender and the peanut sauce is taste great. Served with sunny-side egg and 'kerupuk udang'.

Charcoal Grilled Marinated Octopus with Spanish Paprika Potatoes -  IDR 90.000
It's a bit burnt, It a bit bland but it was soo good. I like this grilled marinated octopus. Served with tasty Spanish paprika potatoes and bread.

Overall, I'm so overwhelmed with all the menu in Kitchenette. It all unique, tempting, scrumptious, out of the box and so innovative. keep up with the homey & comfort food.

Senayan City Ground Floor G-46
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021-29329250 / 021-29329252

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  1. It's been a while since my last visit to Kitchenette.
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