06 Februari 2014


After my last Food  Tasting at Outback Steakhouse now I had a chance to comeback here with several bloggers mates again.

Still took place in Kuningan City Mall Jakarta, Outback Steakhouse  still offering their tempting menu with a nice ambiance from the restaurant.

We seated in a long tables with screen and in-focus at the end. This is because today's event is not just for dining here. But there's a little learn about the meat it-self called STEAKOPEDIA. The presentation was given by Mr. Dilip P. Krishnan - Head Of Marketing. It quite interesting. So we can know which part we can choose for our steak.

Then appetizer start served in our tables.

Soup of The Day
Cup: IDR 29.900
Bowl: IDR 34.900
Today's fresh made soup
That day we served they signature mushroom soup. It still warm when it served at our table. The condensed is just right. I like the consistency from this soup although I taste a bit heat of pepper in it. Too much strong of pepper I think.

Spinach Artichoke Dip - IDR 89.900
A creamy blend spinach, artichokes, Monterey jack and Parmesan cheese, baked until bubbly. Served with Tortilla Chips
The very crunchy tortilla chips with a cheesy dipping to accompany with. The dipping was so yummy and finger lickin'. I barely can't stop eating it. The creaminess is just right. The spinach make a balancing from the cheese. HAVE TO TRY.
Lightly breaded and fried mushrooms and served with spicy ranch dressing
This fried mushroom  is what must order when you visit Outback Steakhouse. A juicy, fatty mushroom coated with buttermilk and breaded flour. So, it's crispy outside but juicy inside.

Welcoming Bread - Complimentary
While waiting our steak ready, Outback Steakhouse took us for a grand tour to their kitchen. Yeess... they allowed us to revealed their secret in making their yummy dishes. Since I've been peeking Outback's Kitchen  so, I only stop infront of the butcher's table. Why I'm interested with that, because I'm so curious how the scale the meat and how the roast the prime rib. And you what? The rib meat before going in to slow-roasted process, was already juicy and tender and yummy. I tried a bit hehehe

That red color above is not a raw meat. but it's the juice that come out from the meat. Without any seasoning, it already taste good.


Prime Rib

8oz – IDR 249.000
10oz – IDR 289.000
Every additional 2oz – IDR 40.000
Meticulously aged, then slow-roasted to seal in the savory beef flavor and to ensure tenderness, hand-carved to order and served with au jus. Or, have it oven roasted slowly then seasoned and seared to perfection.
The steak that served above is 8oz of prime rib. Since they don't served medium that day, so I choose medium-well for my steak. The thickness from the meat is seasoned well. The taste a bit salty, specially when I dip it into the au jus.  But the taste is great, It so tender and juicy. Served with good taste and consistency of the mashed potato. To bad the veggies a bit overcooked for me.

For you who not too familiar with Au Jus sauce, let me googling it for you...
Au jus is French for "with [its own] juice"; jus is the juice itself. In American Cuisine, the term is mostly used to refer to a light sauce for beef recipes, which may be served with the food or placed on the side for dipping. In French Cuisine,  jus is a natural way to enhance the flavor of dishes, mainly chicken, veal and lamb [Taken from WIKIPEDIA]

Meal wont be complete without dessert. This time Outback Steakhouse served one of their signature dessert.

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under – IDR 69.900
Fresh-baked pecan brownie is crowned with rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with classic warm chocolate sauce and finished with chocolate shavings and whipped cream.
This dessert is heaven for chocolate lover. it so yummy, the brownie is so moist, with a rich and generous of chocolate sauce. It's explode and melted in my mouth.

Overall, we've got the knowledge and a happy tummy. So glad to be back to Outback Steakhouse

Kuningan City, G Fl Unit 28
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 8
Kuningan, Jakarta
Telp: 021-30480505



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