05 Desember 2014

Cake A Boo - Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

So many dessert cafe lately in Jakarta. After visiting Shirayuki we planned that we must visit Cake-a-boo also. Stalked on their instagram, it really caught my eyes. They have a very cute and adorable concept for both their restaurant and cakes selection.

We came to Cake-A-Boo around 3pm and its rainy. When we arrived, the restaurant that have to spacious area already full packed. So we have queue to get our seat. Finally we got a seat infront of the conveyor. Yes, cake-a-boo has a conveyor like in Sushi Restaurant. So we can pick the cake that we want straight from the coonveyor.

When 1st entering the Cake-a-Boo restaurant, i can't stand on my eyes capturing every single details in the room. It so playful and colorful. So eye-catching.

Look at the interior, surely I have a very high expectation on their menu. Plus see the presentation of their cakes, that really makes me drooling.

Cake-a-Boo menu Book. so cute

MIKO'S CAKE - IDR 35.000
Caramel mousse, crunchy caramel, melted salted 
I like the combination between caramel and chocolate. Even though both sweet, but its not too overwhelmed. And I guess Cake-a-Boo already adjust the sweetness so I don't feel it too sweet. The saltiness from the salted caramel make the caramel more tasty.

Raspberry mousse infused with pistachio brulee
A very pretty and girly cake comes from Raspunzel. So beautiful with a fondant bow on top. Anything goes sour, it worked with me. And knowing it paired with the pistachio cream, make it balance between sweet and sour. Love it. 

Red velvet burger bun filled with nutella patty and assorted fruits. 
Love the nutella patty. The combination of rice crispy with the nutella is so addictive. The strawberry balance the sweetness from the nutella patty. However,   I don;t like the bun that made from red velvet. It so dry and not  moist. Really need improvement in it.

This coffee is to sweet for my liking. I wonder if the coffee less sweet to make a balance from the sweetness of the sugar caramel on top.

Overall, I'm pretty impress with Cake-a-Boo. Still curious with their other menu. They also serve cake in big version in case you want to have your birthday cake here. Because Cake-a-Boo still new joint in town, just get prepare with the long queue. Specially on the weekend. But don;t worry, the service is really quick and very informative.


Rukan Garden House Blok B22
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Open : 11 AM – 22 PM
Smoking area : No
Wifi : yes

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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