09 Desember 2014

Street Steak - Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

A view times ago, me and my friends visited Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Even though we already a bit full because our journey earlier to Shirayuki and Cake-a-Boo but we still decided to visit Street Steak though. Its already dinner timer when we arrived. And lucky for us, although its already crowded inside, but we don't have to queue like the restaurant that we've visited before. But after we sat, the queue already like snake...

Street Steak PIK is a branch from Kelapa Gading. Been heard a positive thoughts about this steak. So we decided to have a try.

The place is not too spacious. But convey enough to dine. Like its name, they themed the restaurant into street style look. Like wooden furniture, road sign, yellow line on the road and others details. We sat in a tables that looked like gazebo.

Siince its still newly joined in PIK area, so Street Steak have promotion price for the steak. They discount their Hakube Meat for 50% and other menu for 10%. What a deal!!

400 Grams Australian Sirloin Served on a hot stone
When it arrived at our tables, I feel intimidate by the size. Its huge and smells so damn good. The juice that dropped to the side of the meat makes me mouthwatering. The sauce marinated well into the meat. Onion under the meat can prevent the meat to overcooked. The onion become yummy and caramelize after a while. Served with mashed potato. The texture of the mashed potato not too smooth and t he taste a bit bland. The sautee veggie also a bit overcooked. My friend paired it with mushroom sauce. The mushroom sauce taste a bit less seasoning with little amount of the mushroom.

HOKUBEE PREMIUM RIB EYE - IDR 220.000 110.000 (for period time)
200grams of beef served at our tables. Like the previous sirloin, this ribeyes served with generous marinated sauce. It more juicy and tender than the sirloin. It straight melt in my mouth. It feel like 200grams is not enough. Served with sauteed veggie and mashed potato and paired with barbeque sauce. The barbeque sauce taste a bit sweet. Add a little tabasco to give a tangy taste. It taste more good.

200 Grams Salmon Fillet Served on a Hot Stone
Like I told you earlier, before came to this place, I already visited 2 other restaurants. So, because I'm afraid that I'm too full and end get my ass up from the chair, so I order the salmon instead of the beef steak. Love the salmon so much. It so tender, smooth and not smell fishy. Street Steak also provide the 400 grams version of salmon. For this Salmon, I paired it with sauteed veggies, mashed potato and mushroom sauce.

  • Beware of the Hot Stone. It so damn hot and it can burnt you
  • Flip your meat immediately, not too long put your meat on the hot stone. If you think its cook, then place it on the other plate. You don't want your meat become overcooked and chewy aight?  I like my meat cook to medium. If you want to cook evenly, maybe you can cut it into bite size. 
  • Come early to site, whether before dinner or lunch time to avoid a long queuing. 
Overall, I satisfied with Street Steak. From the food, the service and the price. Usrely I will come back for other steak menu. Good luck for PIK branch Steak Street.

Ruko Metro Broadway 9BE (Across the KFC / Burger King)
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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