02 Desember 2014

PAGI SORE Padang Restaurant - Cipete

I never get bored with Indonesian food. Indonesia food has a many varieties that make my appetite comes and never get bored with it. With a lot of different spice and colors, Indonesian food always looks tempting and appetizing. One of Indonesian food that always capture my eyes is Padangnesse  food. In one day evening, me and hubby suddenly craving for Padang food. And we straight to go to Pagi Sore Padang Restaurant at Cipete area.

Pagi Sore is a Padang Authentic restaurant, that served Padang Cuisine that have a very rich taste in it spicy and the thickness from the coconut milk. The weird thing is, The 1st restaurant from Pagi Sore is not at Padang West Sumatera it self. But, it came from Palembang South Sumatera.
At the evening, the restaurant not so full packed with the customers. There are several families had dinner that night. We took a seat at the corner of the room where we can look at the whole restaurant.

And not so long, the Uda & Uni (brother and Sister in Padangnesse) brought us their epic menu on the tables. Typical Padang restaurant that I always love (and miss) is the way they served their food. The waiter stack the plates on their hands and bring it to our tables. Even though they served a lot of food on the tables, but you only pay what u've eat. Or if you don;t want they served many food on your tables, just order it in the array the menu that you want to eat. It basically make the customer appetite going mad, and feel like want to grab all. Leave your fork and spoon. Just eat it with your hands. Because Padang menu its so finger lickin' good.

Ayam Gulai – IDR 18.000

Udang Gulai – IDR 25.000

Rendang Daging – IDR 18.000

Tunjang – IDR 18.000

Daun Ubi Tumbuk – IDR 15.000

Daun Singkong – IDR 12.000

Ayam Panggang – IDR. 18.000

Gulai Otak – IDR. 18.000
Ayam Pedas - IDR 19.000
Udang Gulai - IDR 25.000

I bet for you already familiar with Padang food. Such as:
Ayam Gulai (Chicken Gulai)  chicken cooked coconut milk spicy sauce
Rendang Daging (Beef Rendang), beef that slow cooked in coconut milk until it thick and dry and marinated well with the spicy chilly. 
Gulai Tunjang, gulai of cow foot tendons
Daun Ubi Tumbuk ( Mashed Cassava Leaves in Coconut Milk)
Boiled Cassava  Leaf  
Ayam Panggang (Grilled Spicy Chicken) 
Gulai Otak ( Cow Brain Gulai) cooked in coconut milk

All that Pagi Sore really delicious and so typical with Padang Cuisine. The coconut milk, the spiciness, the taste, really tantalizing. But what I really want to give a highlight this time is their new menus.

Ayam Pedas (Chicken Spicy) I'm so ready to have a burnt throat. Remembering when I ate the same menu at Manado Restaurant, and it burnt me to death. But when I ate it, it's not that spicy. There's still a hint of sweet taste in it. Like the thick chilli sauce that really soak into the chicken.

Udang Gulai (Shrimp Gulai) shrimp cooked in coconut milk spicy sauce. It just the same with the chicken Gulai. The shrimp is so tender and not fishy.

PAGI SORE Padang Restaurant
Jl. Cipete 2 no.1 Fatmawati, Jakarta
Phone: 021-7667000

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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