09 Mei 2012


I first known about d'consulate because I often passing through infront of d'consulate area. Took place in Wahid Hasyim, near Hotel Cipta. First impression about this place was an expensive and exclusive place. A bit skeptic actually at first. So because I'm so damn curious, than I drag my hubby to come with me to d'consulate hohohooho...

First step in, there was a reception desk and a cake stall beside it. The reception greet us and take us to our tables. A very nice sofa with big screen TV on the wall. Not so many customers around. Because on the menu they serve Shisha (somekind like smoke but with a big pipe and have many flavor like mint, strawberry etc), so in d'consulate the customers are allowed to smoke. Me & hubby who not smoking a bit uncomfortable with this situation.

The ambiance really nice though. Looks elegance and classy. With chair, sofa, chandelier, and big screen TV pretty nice place to hangout.

When we sat, the server gave us a very thick menu book. My hubby said, the menu book looked like yellow pages LOL :D Here are what we ordered...

Grilled Norwegian Salmon 99k
Grilled Norwegian Salmon was great. The salmon cooked well. Served with veggies and crab cake (if I not mistake, kinda forget). The veggies still crunchy, not too overcooked, the crab cake also good. Filled with veggies and meat chop, remembering me with bakwan hehehe... (^o^)
Score : 8/10

BBQ Grilled Chicken 90k
BBQ Grilled Chicken is a grilled chicken that marinated with barbeque sauce. I kinda like the sauce. It blend well with the chicken. It just that it'll be more good if they serve it warm. Because it's already cold when it served. So does with the corn and the potato wedges. The potato wedges seasoning with dry chilli. Like it much.
Score: 7/10
Lime Squash (35k) & Orange Juice (38.5k)
What could be more prefect than a sour drink after meal? The lime squash was so sour. I asked the server to separate the liquid sugar from the drink. Because I like it without any sugar. More freshening. The orange juice also great. There's still pulp in it. Love it
Score: 9/10

Overall, the food was good, the service also nice. The price also average. Food start from 50k, not too expensive as i imagine. If you don't mind with smoking place, you should come here.
Jl.KH Wahid Hasyim 49-51 JKT



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