02 Mei 2012

Sour Sally

Sekarang Sour Sally already in everywhere. Saya ingat pertama kali saya mengenal Sour Sally, antrian nya panjaanngg banget, berasa antri tiket mau mudik. Now since Sour Sally have many branch, we can reach it in everywhere. Salah satu Sour Sally yang paling sering saya kunjungi adalah Pejaten Village (yaiyalaahh... tinggal komprol gitu... dari rumah). What I love about Sour Sally is interior & theme of the shop really unique and fun. Dengan dominasi warna pastel hijau & pink, sit in Sour Sally like sitting in playground.

This time I ordered Shaved Ice Twist Pink. So, it's strawberry froyo mix with original froyo. Dulu Sour Sally have green tea, tapi kenapa sekarang raib yah? Padahal I love the the taste. Tapi this strawberry also freshening. I chose kiwi, strawberry, mochi pink and longan as my toppings. I like everything sour. Setelah makan berat, eat this froyo with it's toppings above, felt totally great.

Shaved Ice Twist Pink 55k (incl tax 5k)
Overall, I like Sour Sally. Kindly improve with another taste yaa... Greentea or blueberry sounds great.

For Details check here:
Delivery Service Call (62-21) 29960000


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