30 Mei 2012

Fish & Co: Seafood In A Pan Best In Town

Last week, several food bloggers and I were invited by Groupon Indonesia (also known as Disdus) to the finest restaurant Fish & Co EX-Plaza Indonesia. Fish & Co first open in Jakarta was in 2003 at Mall Taman Anggrek. Now they already spread their wings and open many branch in Jakarta and Surabaya. With the casual dining restaurant,  Fish & Co try to spoil their customers with many great seafood dishes.

All  Fish & Co stores have a very unique design. In the entrance there are 3 fish sign board that informed menus and promo that Fish & Co have. With the blue, white and yellow dominated the store. the sea atmosphere really look cheerful and fun.

The room split in to 2 areas. In outside down the hall is the no smoking area. If you smoke choose inside the room behind the open bar. With the decoration and good ambiance really nice to hangout here.

Sea Freeze Monkey 39k
As a start we surprise by this  giant big glass of Sea Breeze Monkey. It's a mix between lime and pine granadilla syrup. The taste really sour but freshening at the same time. I like this one.

Sharkie Freeze 39k
This Sharkie Freeze taste was a bit sweet. Because it contained passion fruit in it. It also freshening. If you don't like it too sour, better choose this one.

 And here come the food parade

Starter Platter 99k
Starter Platter consisting of nachos, fried calamari, fish nuggets and prawn fritters served with tar-tar sauce, tomato salsa and spicy mango vinaigrette. I like the spicy mango sauce. It just taste great, mixed between sour and spicy. All the seafood taste great. But I like the calamari most. It was tender and crisp.

Fish & Co claimed themselves as "The best Fish & Chips in town". They use imported Dory fish from Vietnam.
Philadelphia Fish & Chips 79k
Philadelphia Fish & Chips was a very tender and crisp fish with cream cheese above. Served with big and crisp chips

Danish Fish & Chips 79k
This Danish Fish & Chips stuffing with stringy mozzarella and topped with lemon butter sauce. I like this one. Beside the skin more crisp than others, blended between mozzarella and lemon butter sauce really great. Served with big and crisp chips

New York Fish & Chips 79k
New York Fish & Chips is one of all time favorite fish and chips with generous parmesan cheese stuffing and topped with lemon butter. Served with big and crisp chips

Seafood Platter 235k
Seafood Platter came in a very big portion. Perfect for sharing with your friends. Consisting of paella (Spanish rice, with herbs) topped with seasonal fish, calamari, black tiger prawns, mussels in creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce. Everything cooked well. The seafood served fresh, I like the prawns most. It was so  juicy.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake 35k
Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake was a moist chocolate cake, similar like brownies. There's melted chocolate inside the cake. Served with Chocolate or vanilla ice cream and choco sauce.

Ice Bomber 35k
This one is my favorite. Ice Bomber is a mixed between cheese cake ice cream, chocolate ice cream, raspberry and topped with nut sprinkle and choco sauce. The raspberry balance all the sweetness. Really melted in my mouth, when i ate it.

Panna Cotta 35k
Panna Cotta is an eggless custard with raspberry sauce. The texture really smooth, but the taste way to sweet. But the raspberry sauce a bit sour, it can balance the sweetness of the panna cotta itself.

Overall, Fish & Co really spoiled the seafood lovers. The seafood really fresh and the taste was great. The service was great also, really helpfull. The price a bit pricey, but it's worth with what you get.

Above of all, thanks to Fish & Co, Groupon Disdus (Mr Rozelina) , PT Gading Food ( Ms Angel K & Ms Stella) for great invitation. I'm totally HOOKED!



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