23 Mei 2012

Pizza Marzano - to die for

A couple days ago, me & my girls lunch in Pizza Marzano. 1st because we interested in one of 1 credit card great promo. So in that day, we chose to lucj at Pizza Marzano Citywalk - Sudirman. A very nice place that Pizza Marzano have in Citiwalk. The place spacious enough with no smoking area in restaurant. Pizza Marzano took place in Ground Floor, in the right side of the main entrance. We took place in the very nice long red sofa. It was so nice having lunch here.

With open bar in front side, to make beverages like mocktail, cocktail, wine etc. The bar also look nice. There's several stacks of Pizza box on top of it.

Trilogy Pizza 90k
This Trilogy Pizza topping was really complete. Make me mouthwatering *Glek... Contained smoke salmon, barbequed beef, turkey arrabiatta, olives, capers, red onions, sundried tomatoes, mascarpone and grana padano. The freshnes of the salmon really great. Mixed with the turkey and the beef. The meat's texture was really tender. And what make it more great was the sauce that use herbs and tomato really blend well with the salmon, turkey and the beef. Not too forget the generous melted cheese. yuuumm... The dough it self was thin and crisp.

Fettuccine Salmone 70k
Fettuccine Salmone taste great. The texture if the fettuccine really smooth. It cooked well. The salmon also tender. It all mixed with cream sauce, asparagus, dills and red onions. really rich in taste.

Spaghetti Alla Bolognese 60k
The spaghetti really full of meat. The bolognese sauce also a bit thick. The texture of the spaghetti really great, not rare and not overcooked. But eat this spaghetti can make you full right away. This was because Pizza Marzano gave the very generous sauce and meat

Spaghetti Alfredo 60k
Spaghetti Alfredo was also great. The cream sauce blend well with the spaghetti. Serving with tender Italian beef sausage.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with add Mushroom 40k
This one is the very light spaghetti taste. Choose this if you want to eat pasta but don't want something creamy. The olive oil blend all the ingredients in it like garlic, basil and crushed chilli. If you want to add mushroom, pay for more 13k. It complete all the taste.

Penne Picante 65k
Ate this Penne Picante make my stomach fully loaded. So much things in it, such as pepperoni, hot spiced beef, red onion, green peppers, crushed chilli, mushroom, and top with bechamel and tomato sauce, mozarella, grana padano and water crest. The taste was great, but it a bit spicy.

Lasagne Pasticciate 65k
The 4 layers of lasagna with bolognese sauce, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and top with grana padana cheese. The taste was great. The sauce was very generous. Love it

Fusilli Polo Alla Genovese 60k
Pesto Genovese that used in this fusilli was taste great. The herbs really sorely in this dish. The chicken also tender.

Ice Lemon Tea 20k & Dilmah Jasmine Green Tea 20k
What could be better than Tea to neutralize the heavy pasta and pizza

Hot Mocha Picollo 25
Ice Mocha Picollo 25

Mocha Picollo is blend of coffee and milk. Taste good. But too heavy for pasta. With all the whipped cream above.

Overall, Pizza Marzano have great authentic Italian Pizza and pasta. The taste was great, the service also nice and the price also affordable.


2 komentar:

  1. Sedih loh gw ga pernah makan marzano hxhxhx

    1. Jangan bersedih jangan berduka *sambil tepuk2 bahu Inez...

      FYI Pizza Marzano lagi ada promo BNI (debit & CC) diskon 50% all item s/d December 2012 (^o^)v


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