25 September 2012

Bagel & Pretzel

One day my friend, Sabrina asked me, whether have I try another Bagel store called Bagel & Pretzel. Once I know about Bagel when I tried it in Bagel store in Kemang area. Sabrina said, beside bagel, they also served pretzel. Hhhmm... more curious heard that. So, with her guide on my BBM, me & hubby straight to Bagel & Pretzel store in Cipete area.

The place is not too big. With a green sign board in front of the store. Entering Bagel & Pretzel just like entering someone's home. With a high chairs on the left of the entrance and big sofa in the entire room. Pretty convey though. Don't have to wait too long to have a chair. Because only me, hubby and 1 other couple that time.

I asked what special in Bagel & Pretzel, the waiter suggested me to try Mexicana and Salmon Strike. From his explanation it sounds tempting.

Mexicana IDR 47.000
Mexicana consisting meat chop with sauce, it just like bolognaise sauce mixed with red bean and cucumber topped with melted cheese. I choose poppy seed for my bagel. The bagel is so hard to chew. The sauce taste also so so. Nothing too special about this Mexicana.

Salmon Strike IDR 53.000
I also choose the poppy seed bagel for this Salmon Strike. And again... the texture is soooo chewy. Luckily, the salmon taste good. Not taste fishy. Topped with mayo & cheese. I like this Salmon Strike better than the Mexicana.

Left : Plain & Cheese Pretzel @ IDR 11.000
Right : Cinnamon IDR 11.000
So unexpected, this pretzel taste great. I was planning to take away many pretzel at the beginning. But sadly, in my visit last time, they run out of the Pretzels. I have to wait another 2 hour minimum if  I want my pretzel. So I don't have any choose more than cheese, plain and cinnamon. They have another variant for pretzel. It's choco pretzel. Looks so tempting.

Left : Milkshake : Cappuccino Avocado  IDR 25.000
Right : Fresh Orange Cold IDR 21.000
Cappuccino Avocado I think more like avocado juice. The coffee not too dominant
Fresh Orange Cold, is really fresh. I like without adding sugar. So it taste sour. More freshening.

Overall, If I visit this Bagel & Pretzel again, I probably only buy the pretzel only. It more good than the Bagel. The service a bit longer. Have too wait for about 20 - 30 minute serving. But they really friendly though. The price not too expensive. Quite reasonable.

House of Bagel & Pretzel
Jalan Bendungan Walahar no 32 Jakarta Pusat Indonesia
Ph. +6221.8032.8500
Opens Sun-Thur(7am-10pm)& Fri&Sat(6am-12pm)

2 komentar:

  1. Kayaknya enakan si bagel2bagel dan gw lgi craving for them, huaaaa

    1. Iya bagel nya enakan bagel2bagel. B&P ini more hard to chew hehehe... Tapi pretzel nya lumayan lah...


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