11 September 2012

HAN GANG - Korean Food Art Restaurant & Grill

Annyeonghaseyo.... To be honest, I got familiar with Korean food since I often watching Korean series *blushing*. The food that that appear in that series look tempting. So here we are, me & my girl Melly at Han Gang Grand Indonesia to taste the Korean Food. Han Gang place in Level 3A.

Han Gang specialize is in grilled and boiled menu. For the BBQ menu, Han Gang prepare many kind of fresh meat & seafood. As for for boiling menu Han Gang also prepare the healthy veggies, meat and seafood. Han Gang also have private room with chairs or tatami. You just need to close the curtain and... voila... no one can see your activity behind the curtain. If you need waiter, just push the button on the table.

Appetizer - Complimentary
Han Gang gave us many varieties appetizer as compliment while waiting our order. The appetizer come in a small plate. From potato, watercress, calamari, jelly and not too forget the fab kimchi. The kimchi is so damn sour and spicy. But it not making me stop to eating it hehehhe...

Dolsot Galbi Bibimbab 48k
Dolsot Galbi Bibimbab consist rice with beef ribs with marinated in a soy sauce in a hot stone pot. We have to mix all the ingredients in a pot blend between the sauce and the ingredients. And mix it while it's hot, so the sauce marinated well into the ingredients. The ribs really tender and cooked perfectly.

Maeun Tteokpoki 55k
Then come what Melly's ordered. Meun Tteokpoki is a boiled dish of slice tender rice cake in a hot sauce. The meaning of hot sauce is literally HOT. OMG! it's so hot and spicy. Not to spicy at the beginning. That's why i keep eating it. But at the end, my throat getting burns. Only hot water can release the spicy taste.

Thai Ice Tea 25k | Ocha 15k ( refillable)
Watermelon - Complimentary
Overall, I like Han Gang. Good food good service. The price also reasonable with what we get. I definitely want to comeback for more Korean menus.

GRAND INDONESIA: Sky Bridge Level 3A Shop Unit FD1-08 Telp. (021) 2358 0710 - 2358 0711
PACIFIC PLACE : 5th floor Unit 37 Jakarta Selatan Telp. (021) 5797 3460 - 5797 3461
MONGINSIDI : Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.99 Jakarta Selatan Telp. (021) 7278 7802 - 7278 7789
FOOD COURT PLAZA SENAYAN : Jl.Asia Afrika level 3 Shop Unit ID 329 C(2) Telp. (021) 572 4802

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