10 September 2012

Dorayaki Addict

Who doesn't know dorayaki cake? Since i was a kid, Doraemon already wash my brain with his fave cake. The round cake with ogura or matcha filling. So nice to accompany you with your milk, coffee or tea. But these days, dorayaki already have many variant. Such as cheese, banana, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry etc. Add filling as you like.

I found Dorayaki store in Kota Kasablanka called Dorayaki Addict. The store really interesting and cute. Make me want to stopping by at their store

Dorayaki Addict
I ordered half dozen with many various filling. The great thing is, the dorayaki is made by order. So it keep warm and fresh since we order it.

The Dorayaki process

My Dorayaki
8k / pcs
45k half dozen
60k / 8pcs
The texture is not too fluffy. The filling also soo little. If just the filling more thick... it would be great.

In this store there's also bakery called Shokupan. I love the blueberry & cheese. It so moist and good. The proce aso not too expensive. Just like bakery shop next door.

Overall, I like the bakery than the dorayaki. The bakery has a lot variant and the texture more soft and moist than the dorayaki. It's all good for your "cemal-cemil"


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