21 September 2012

Lekker Bekker

In one evening, me & my hubby one to try a (not to new) place in Tebet area called Tebet Green. Many Restaurant here, but my eyes stood in one cute theme resto. It's Lekker Bekker. The interior is cute, we just like sitting at Granny's home. With the soft color green and white. What really make me interesting is the rolling pin for partition and bird cage for decoration. What a creative things....

We choose to sit in a wooden chair with pink pillows. It feels like sitting in a terrace.  Not so long, the waitress come and give us the menu book. And here are what we order...

Bolletjes with Strawberry Ice Cream 24.5k
Bolletjes is just like poffertjes. But the shape a bit small and cooked at the same time. It a bit burnt in the fringe. The texture not too fluffy. I like the ice cream. It so smooth. And the icing sugar also not too sweet.

Pannekoek with Strawberry Sauce 21.5k
4 slice thin pannekoek served with strawberry jam and icing sugar. I like the strawberry. The sourness really balance with the icing sugar. The pannekoek also nice and smooth.

Hot Tea & Lemon Tea
Overall, the food is so so. But I like the interior of the restaurant. The service and price also great. Maybe if I comeback here, i want to try they main course ^^

Tebet Green, Jl. Letjend MT Haryono Kav 25 - 26


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