11 September 2012

Eat & Eat with Mid-East Style

I'm quiet interesting with new food court in Kota Kasablanka called Eat & Eat. They Mid-East or Morocco in specifically theme for the food court. The details really The details really make me feel like in Sinbad land. With the carpet rolls, the lamp, the window even the paintings, all telling us about morocco style.

For dining, we should use card with minimum payment Rp. 5000 We can take and recharge the card in counter in the entrance. To avoid me eating much, so i only fill it with 50k. Because usually i can't stand look so many stall in front of me. Makes me want to swipe my card again and again *blushing*

As for the stall, there are still view stalls that still close. But also many stalls that we can choose. From Indonesian, Western, Chinese, Mid-East you named it.

I'm wondering what tower is that in Roti Prata stall? Call me 'norak' but I haven't seen Roti Prata with

± 30cm tall. When I asked to the waiter, he said it's Sweet Prata. Okay... I ordered one...

Sweet Prata 17k
The prata shape is like my nephew trumpet. I confused where to start hahahha.... The texture thin, but a bit chewy when i eat it. More cold the prata more chewy. Uumm... not as good as it looks. 

Es Pisang Ijo Original 15k
The banana not too sweet, a bit sour and the green skin not smooth enough. But the sumsum porridge pretty good. 

Overall, the food that I taste was so so, but I'd like to comeback here for more another dining experience.


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