17 April 2012

Bonchon - Take Me To The Next Level (from Citywalk Branch)

Last Saturday on April 14th 2012, for the 2nd time I was invited by Bonchon Chicken. Why I'm interested to join this event? Because Mr. Rizal, from Bonchon said in email that their going to improve their chicken and there are also several menus to introduce. Hhhhmm... sound nice...

Bonchon still consistent with their motto, that they use the fresh chicken, no sugar added in the seasoning (they use fruit extract) and no greasy chicken in it skin.

Food testing this time took place in Citywalk, the former mall in Sudirman. The place was not too spacious, but convy enough to eat and hangout. Split in 2 areas, indoor and outdoor, you can't smoke in this both area.

Bonchon Outdoor
Bonchon Indoor
Let see the new taste in da house...

Chicken Spicy Wrap - 20k
This chicken spicy wrap really serious. Serious in the spicy things. For spicy lovers, you gonna love this. But, since I'm not to stand with spicy, this was too much for me. It burned my tongue. Seriously. The chicken chunk was tender, mixed with veggies and onion.

Bulgogi Wrap - 20k
Bulgogi is a former signature dish from Korea. The taste a bit savory and salty, which was good. The beef was so tender mixed well with the seasoning, onion and veggies.

Original Chicken Wrap - 20
Original Chicken Wrap was not to savory. Even, I can say it was a bit plain.The combination still the same. Chicken chunk, onion and veggies.

Spicy Chicken Bites
Original Bonchon Bites
Regular 10 bites 13.181
Large 20 bites 24.090 

Other new menu from Bonchon is Bonchon Bites. So, you can bring your Bonchon anywhere you go. There are 2 option. The original and the spicy. I like it both. The taste was so crispy but tender at the same time. Eat this one make me want to eat more...

Spicy Bonchon Chicken
From my last time visit to Bonchon, I guess Bonchon really made improvement a lot with their chicken. Because the chicken was more crispy, less greasy and more tasty. For chicken and bites menu not as spicy as the chicken wrap. So I dare to eat this hoohoho... I like this one...

Strawberry and Chocolate Mochi
Small Mochi  3 pcs 14.090
Medium Mochi  6 pcs 26.316
Large Mochi 9 pcs 40.000

With the smooth mochi skin and the ice cream inside, this mochi Ice cream quick melt in your mouth. Like the Bonchon Bites, eat this mochi was never enough sluurrpp...

Menu List
Overall, I like the improvement that Bonchon made. It make it's menu more tasty and great. For the service it also great. Quick and friendly. Keep it up Bonchon... Love it



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