03 April 2012

My Pancake

Suatu siang, I  had my lunch with my girls di My Pancake Grand Indonesia. Tempat nya unik sekali. Ada kincir angin besar di samping resto nya. Split in to 2 areas. Indoor dan outdoor. Saya memilih duduk in outdoor area, tepat di sebelah kincir angin nya.

Many menus served here. Mulai dari menu cemal-cemil, steak, pancake, pasta dan rice menu.

Salmon Marinara 51k
Salmon Marinara is a spaghetti with tomato, cream and marinara sauce also served with salmon. The taste was good, the salmon was tender, the sauce texture not too thick.

Black Pepper 58
Black pepper spaghetti served with choice of beef, fish or chicken sauteed and blend with black pepper sauce. Me, not too like with this one. The sauce not too tasty. The spaghetti a bit raw.

Creamy Cajun Salmon 49k
Creamy Cajun Salmon was one of my favorite. The mixed between creamy and cajun sauce was superb. Served with salmon and mushroom, make this Creamy Cajun Salmon taste great.

Blueberry Cool 38.5k
Blueberry Cool with 2 stacks pancake and waffle. The texture, not too moist, not too smooth, means not to good. But saved by the blueberry sauce and the ice cream.

Overall, My Pancake worth to try. The food taste was average. The service was good. The place was great.



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